Time Magazine “Person of the Year” 2012 List Narrows

Time Magazine Person of the Year List

Since 1927, Time magazine has been one of the most iconic and popular magazines in the United States with tons of memorable cover photos and stories. Its founders Henry Luce and Briton Haddon were strong believers in the idea that history is shaped by the deeds of extraordinary men and women. Their beliefs seemed to rub off on the editors of TIME, who during 1927, were having a very hard time determining who should grace the cover of the magazine.

The magazine had passed on the opportunity to put Aviator Charles Lindbergh on the cover several times throughout the year, even though he gained tremendous honors with his historical feat of flying from New York to Paris non-stop.

This prompted the magazine to try a brand new concept and place a picture of who they thought made the most headlines during a single year, and under the photo would read “Man of the Year”. However, since several Women were able to grace the cover in the following years, the magazine dubbed the phrase “Person of the year.” Thus, began the popular, highly anticipated and annual crowning of TIME’s “Person of the year.”

With December dwindling down it is time, once again, for TIME to announce who they picked for person of the year. The shortlist, which includes eight people was revealed on NBC’s “Today Show”.

The list includes the following: United States President Barack Obama, President of Egypt Mohammed Morsi, Bill & Hillary Clinton, CEO of YAHOO Marissa Mayer, CEO of Apple Tim Cook, Undocumented Americans, Malala Yousafzai, And “The Higgs Boson”.

All of these finalists have a really strong chance of taking home the title this year with Malala, Hillary, and Undocumented Americans being the front runners the past two weeks.

Malala is the student activist from Pakistan who survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban. She simply just expressed how she wants to go to school and get an education without fearing getting killed for her beliefs. Knowing that her life would be at risk, she became the face of a documentary centered on her life.  Unfortunately, the documentary was seen by the Taliban, and in attempt to kill Malala they boarded her school bus and shot her in her head. Lucky she was flown to a nearby hospital where she survived.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, appears to be looking stronger and more determined than she has since her failed attempted at presidency nomination back in 2008. She is seen as a cool up tempo woman who tweets, connects with women all over the nation.  She also has high approval from both male and female politicians, and another run at a presidential nomination seems inevitable at this point. She has however, been tagged with a little bit of challenges, and has been looked at as one of the reason a US Ambassador died in Libya. She has said that she will undoubtedly stick around until her replacement is confirmed.

Sometimes the person of the year is not an individual but rather a group of people, last year winner of Person of the year was “The Protester”, this year Undocumented Americans will seek to be another group to claim the title.

Undocumented Americans whole idea of the American dream seemed to take a very positive shift last summer when President Obama declared that certain undocumented immigrants simply labeled “illegal” by many, would not be subjected to deportation, under broad-ranging conditions. That act by the president along with other things for immigrants may have sealed undocumented Americans to re-elect Obama this past fall. There was clear evidence immigrants wanted to have an opinion on casting their presidential votes by the large numbers of Hispanic and Asian-American voters casting their ballots for Obama.

The winner will be revealed live on the TODAY show on NBC tomorrow morning.

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Time Magazine Person Of The Year

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