Diet Pepsi Gets Makeover with Sweetener Change

Diet Pepsi


Diet Pepsi has received a make-over. It’s been improved with an added sweetener to help stabilize the taste of the drink. PepsiCo added the extra artificial sweetener called acesulfame potassium.

The added sweetener is to help the taste of Diet Pepsi stay for a longer period of time. The soda used to just contain aspartame, but that ingredient doesn’t work well in the heat and can break down rather easily. Now there will be two artificial sweeteners on the label of Diet Pepsi, but nothing new for some. It’s a combo that other newer diet sodas have been using for awhile.

PepsiCo kept the ingredient change hush-hush for a quite some time. Rumors have it that ConsumerAffairs reported on the change in August. Pepsi didn’t want a consumer stir over the change, which could have led to consumers thinking that it was going to effect the taste of their beloved soft drink.

The Bay Area, New York and Omaha have been drinking the Diet Pepsi with the revised ingredient since early December.

PepsiCo, explained in a statement the reason for the ingredient change. “To ensure consistency with every sip,” the company said it is adding a “very small amount of acesulfame potassium.”

PepsiCo representative Andrea Canabal said, “It’s not like a light switch. It’ll start appearing as shelf space clears.”

In addition to the ingredient change of Diet Pepsi, PepsiCo will start pushing a huge advertising campaign. While they won’t say exactly how much they are spending on advertising; there is a $50 million deal with the pop singer Beyoncé. Spokeswoman Andrea Foote said their advertising campaign in 2013 is more than what it has spent in the past few years.

Starting at the end of January, PepsiCo Inc. will begin airing TV ads with the tag line “Love Every Sip,” along with the rollout of special edition silver cans featuring the blue-and-red Pepsi logo in a heart shape. The company is working with designers to introduce other special designs later in the year as well.

Diet Pepsi Using New Sweetener

Diet Pepsi is adding a new sweetener to the popular drink.

The competition between Pepsi versus Coke continues to heat up. Diet Pepsi is adding a new sweetner in an effort to keep the taste fresh and get a win over Coca-Cola. Diet Pepsi previously only contained the ingredient called aspartame which is known to break down with little effort and is sensitive to higher temperatures.

Diet Pepsi Changes Sweetener

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