Syrian Teenager Videotaped During Heroic Rescue

Syrian Civil War

The actions of a teenager in Syria have caught the world’s attention today. CNN has just released exclusive video footage of a daring rescue attempt that was carried out by a 17 year-old young man.

In a country that’s been torn apart by a bloody 21-month long battle between President al-Assad’s government and Syrian rebels, acts of heroism usually take place out of sight of the public eye. But the teenager, who is seen slinking across rough pavement on his belly while gunfire erupts all around him, feels that he is not a hero, but simply a Syrian.

The brave teen, who successfully tied a rope around the woman to pull her away from the area of rapid gunfire, used to work in a bakery before the Syrian conflict began. He did not know the woman, but believed that she was still alive, so he tried to save her before she was further harmed. The woman’s son waited nearby, hoping his mother would make it out alive. Unfortunately, the woman died, and the distraught son had to be led away from his mother as she was covered up and transported by paramedics.

On Thursday, Syrian state TV denied accusations that the Syrian government has used Scud missiles against rebel groups. A U.S. official reported that satellite proof confirmed the fact that four Scud missiles were fired into northern Syria during the past few days.

The latest opinion on the status of the Syrian conflict comes from NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen.  At a news conference last week, he announced the deployment of two Patriot air defense batteries to Turkey’s border with Syria. He also said the al-Assad government is “approaching collapse.”

The concern over the use of Scud missiles comes on the heels of last week’s indications that the Syrian military was readying chemical weapons for use against rebels. Numerous world leaders quickly warned Syria against using chemical or biological weapons.

The Obama administration will likely be issuing orders to determine the number of Patriot missile batteries and personnel to be sent by the United States, according to a Pentagon spokesman. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and NATO have endorsed the plan.

17-year-old Syrian risks life to rescue

While in Aleppo, Arwa Damon gets exclusive footage of a Syrian during his act of heroism in rescuing a sniper victim.

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