Plug Pulled on the Plot to Kill Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Murder Plot

A plot to kill Justin Bieber has been unfolded and the men have been arrested.

Investigators say the man behind it all is Dana Martin, a convicted killer who is serving two life sentences in a Las Cruces, New Mexico prison for raping and killing 15-year old DeAndra Florucci in Vermont in 2000.

Dana Martin met Mark Staake while they were being transferred from a Florida to New Mexico prison in April. They made plans for Mark Staake to kill Justin Bieber once he was released.

Justin Bieber Murder Plot

Once Staake was released from prison, he recruited his nephew, Tanner Ruane to help. Cops involved with the case say Martin asked the two to first head to Vermont and take out two former acquaintances.

Martin gave very strict orders to strangle the victims with a paisley tie, which is his calling card. It gets even worse, not only were they going to kill Justin Bieber and his bodyguard, Tanner Ruane was in charge of castrating the victims.

According to Wall Street Journal, the targets of the castration plot were not connected to Bieber, authorities say, and it doesn’t appear that Justin Bieber was ever in immediate danger of the murder plot.

It’s still unclear why the plan was ever made, but investigators do know that Dana Martin had an infatuation with the pop-star. Los Angeles Times reported on what the police said about the men wanting to kill Justin Bieber.

Police stated that Justin Bieber was Dana Martin’s “ultimate target”. An investigator with the case wrote in the affidavit, “When asked to explain why Victim 3 (Justin Bieber) was to be killed, Mr. Martin stated that Victim 3 has a measure of fame and that he (Mr. Martin) had become infatuated with Victim 3. This infatuation was exemplified by the tattooing of an image of Victim 3 on Mr. Martin’s leg. Mr. Martin stated that he had attempted to solicit correspondence on numerous occasions between Victim 3 and him and Victim 3 never returned in kind.”

Plot to Kill Justin Bieber

It goes on to explain, “This perceived slight made Mr. Martin upset and that, coupled with Mr. Martin’s perception of being a ‘nobody’ in prison, led him to begin plotting the kidnap and murder of Victim 3. In the end, what Mr. Martin stated he was seeking was a measure of notoriety so that there would be people outside of prison who would know who he (Mr. Martin) was.”

To make this even more of a twisted act, Dana Martin, the one who seeked this plan out, pulled the plug on the whole thing and turned Staake and Ruane into police.

Staake was arrested in Vermont on his outstanding warrants before he was able to carry out any of the killings, but they let his nephew go. Later, after Ruane made it to New York, Cops were able to record phone calls where Ruane told Martin he’s disappointed that he couldn’t carry out the murders.

New York police arrested Ruane and found the murder tools as well as pruning shears with him.

Justin Bieber Murder Plot: Convicted Murderer Planned To Kill, Castrate Pop Singer

Justin Bieber was the target of a grisly murder plot hatched by a convicted killer imprisoned in New Mexico, police told ABC News today.

Justin Bieber the Target of Gruesome Murder Plot!

Police foiled a plan to have Justin Bieber killed and castrated in a murder for hire plot!

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  1. phuck the U.S.A. | December 13, 2012 at 11:45 pm | Reply

    Would’ve made a great headline:d**k less h**os**ual found dead.Yep.Justin will *** in a car wreck.

  2. Obviously Theresa your children aspire to be physical trainers and hair models, because I’m damn sure Beiber doesn’t inspire anybody with an I.Q. over 5

  3. Well, either way, I would have been fine with a little smackin’ around of ole Bieber. He needs some man smacked into his head. Maybe he should start wearing dresses like Kanye?

    • You are a horrible man Jerry. You should be the one that has a hitman out for you. Justin Bieber is an icon. He has made my kids realize they can be all they can be.

    • @Theresa Till – Shouldn’t it be your job to make your kids realize they can be all they can be?

      @Jerry Johnson – Getting murdered is a far cry from “a little smackin’ around.” And I think Justin is doing fine on his own. He has an image, and I’m sure there are plenty of women out there who will make sure he’s all man.

    • Really? No one deserves to have this kinda of fear where there are certain people who are planning on kill you.

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