Pepsi Chicken Potato Chips By Frito Lay Chip Company A Hit In China

Pepsi Chicken Potato Chips

You may just find yourself wandering in the chip aisle someday and look upon one of the craziest flavors you’ve seen yet in a potato chip. That’s right, these new Lay’s Potato chips are Pepsi Chicken flavored with the same crispy flavor of a Lay’s chip people have come to enjoy.

While the flavor might just sound completely off the wall, it really isn’t that crazy of an idea because it fits the Chinese taste palette quite well. A popular dish in China is chicken with cola as an ingredient and then glazed with Soy Sauce. This dish is popular enough that some smart taste-makers at NYSE: PEP Pepsi-Co decided they’d combine it all with products in their repertoire.

The marketing campaign has been made public for this eye-turning flavor combo in potato chips and released on YouTube. You can see the drama unfold as a younger Chinese male is convinced by his girlfriend to go out and get more Pepsi because they’re out. On the way out however, the image of chicken is flying and it looks like the family could use more chicken for their dish. The boy is seen flying by a convenience store when images of Pespi Cola and Chicken are being combined and then, bam, a bag full of Lay’s potato chips bursting with Pepsi and chicken.

This ad campaign was featured in a post by Ad Age showing the direction that Pepsi is willing to take to try and get an edge in the Chinese consumer market. “We thought it would be really cool to have a cola combined with chicken. … It’s a very popular dish in China,” Lee told Ad Age. Coca-Cola is trying to make their way in the Chinese food consumer market as well. For Pepsi it seems they’ve had some other interesting flavors on the market already before like Cucumber, Hot & Sour Fish Soup and Lemon Tea flavored Lay’s potato chips. The Pepsi Chicken flavored Lay’s chips have only been on the market since August 2012 but they seem to be a hit in the country.

What do you think? Would these chips make it or break it on American shopper’s shelves?

We’ve provided the TV commercial of Chicken & Pepsi Potato Chips from Lay’s below:

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