Mayan 2012 Apocalypse Prediction Gets A “Told You So” Video From NASA

Mayan 2012 Prediction NASA debunk videoNASA’s pre-released Mayan 2012 “Told You So” video starts out with a date, December 22nd 2012. It simply states right off, “If you’re watching this video, it means one thing: The World Didn’t End Yesterday.” The message is clear, NASA was confident enough that the Mayan Apocalypse prophesy is bogus enough that they wanted to get the video out early.

NASA Maya 12-21-2012 votesThe video was actually published under the ScienceAtNASA YouTube Channel on December 11th, 2012. On December 13th, 2012 the video already has around 256,519 views with 1,727 likes and 50 people that don’t like it. We can only assume that the people that downvoted the Mayan 2012 debunking video wanted the world to end and are a little disappointed.

In the video it references Media reports and TV shows that have referenced the Mayan Calendar and it’s stated date for the end of the world as December 21st, 2012. NASA’s Dr. John Carlson, the Director of the Center for Archaeoastronomy, “The whole thing was a misconception from the very beginning.” It is said in the video that the Mayan Calendar doesn’t end on 12/21/12. History of the Mayan culture is discussed through the video and talks about the great cities they built.

The Mayan Long Count calendar is talked about as one of the most complex recordings of time ever created. Differences in dating to our current date standards are described and compared to different things we use today like speedometers and more.

The big party at NASA apparently happened in a Google Hangout where scientists revealed their finding on the Mayan End of the World prediction conspiracy. One scientist, Don Yeomans who is head of NASA’s Near-Earth Object Program said that, “no known asteroids or comets were on a collision course with Earth.” So if you were thinking a comet, asteroid or something else large was going to pummel the Earth into bits of destruction and explosions, that one seems to be out according to Mr. Yeomans.

The other thing covered was a “rogue planet” which some often refer to as Niburu or Planet X which is a dark planet colliding on the orbital path of the Earth. David Morrison a NASA astrobiologist had to say about a rogue planet that, “If there were anything out there like a planet headed for Earth, it would already be one of the brightest objects in the sky and everybody on Earth could see it. You don’t need to ask the government, just go out and look, it’s not there.” While this debunk does sound good and makes sense, many people say that Niburu or the Planet X is made of dark matter or somehow maintains a darkness to not reflect light.

The next scientist in the Mayan 2012 conspiracy debunking weighed in was named Lika Guhathakurta who is head of NASA’s living with a Star Program. Mr. Guhathakurta said, “the sun is not a threat either. The sun has been flaring for billions of years, long before the Maya even existed and it has never once destroyed the world.” The Solar Maximum is discussed which is a real occurrence every 11 years. The scientist tells us that this cycle of the sun this time around however is the, “wimpiest solar cycle of the past 50 years.”

The video ends with an opening up for a question and answer session or more like an End of the World FAQ debunking that is listed at NASA’s site. They show 12.21.2012 and a website to access if you have more questions at for answers. If you just want to get breaking science news they also give you a URL for that too which is

So there you have it, NASA is so sure the world isn’t ending regardless of the Mayan 2012 calendar Apocalypse prediction that they’ve revealed this video early. We’ve embedded the video below as well as some other crazy videos exploring the Mayan Prophecy and December 21st, 2012 end of the world date.

ScienceCasts: Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday

NASA is so sure the world won’t come to an end on Dec. 21, 2012, that they already released a video for the day after.

Mayan Empire Documentary Part 1

Mayan Empire Documentary Part 2

Planet X Nibiru Do you Want to Hear Insider Tell His Story About Watching Nibiru Coming In?

Do You Want to Hear Insider Tell His Story About Watching Nibiru Coming In, With Buddies From CIA? They watched it on the Hubble Space Telescope that you paid for with your tax dollars, yet they don’t allow you to see the massive planet coming in. If you have seen this video, then this commentary will be interesting to you. I link to a fascinating video from my commentary and this guy says he watched on the Hubble Space Telescope as this blazing hot star and its seven planets approached our sun, being drawn in by the gravity of the massive sun, which has 98% of all the mass in our solar system
Jupiter is our largest planet and it represents only about 1% of the mass of our entire solar system.

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“Physics of the Impossible” author Michio Kaku on the consequences of a massive solar storm to our global infrastructure and economy.

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  1. We should poke a little fun at this fake apocalypse. For example, I hope the world won’t end on this date because I just read a list of events taking place in Toronto and my children would never forgive me if we missed Disney on Ice taking place here just after the supposed end of the world. Actually that would be the real end of the world for me. 😀

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