Jacob Tyler Roberts, Oregon Mall Shooter Who Killed Three, Identified

Clackamas Town Center Shooting

In Portland, Oregon hundreds of Christmas shoppers, and employees were subjected to a tragic mall shooting where, after twenty shots had been fired, three lay dead and one injured.

The masked shooter came in wearing camouflage when he opened fire on the mall; everyone as well as the mall Santa hit the floor, attempted to flee, or hid amongst the stores. Austin Patty, one of the Macy’s employees says he saw the man come wearing a bullet proof vest, holding the rifle, and that the man apparently seemed to introduce himself before shooting saying “I am the shooter”.

Another man thought he heard the gunman telling them to “get down” after the first three shots, after the shots however the man and his girlfriend ran, the man later feeling that if he had turned around he may not be able today. As well mall’s Santa Clause had hit the ground when he heard the shots going off, he says that by the time he had looked up everyone that had been there had ran off.

The shooting struck fear into hundreds of mall goers as the man fired from the food court nearby the Macy’s; children and adults were screaming and crying as the chaos ensued. By the end of the chaos Cindy Ann Yuille and Steven Mathew Forsyth were shot and killed, as well a fifteen-year old Kristina Shevchenko was shot and later had been rushed to the hospital under critical condition.

Police do not believe there was a second shooter, but aside from that they have not disclosed any information as to possible motives of the shooter, but have identified the man as 22-year old Jacob Tyler Roberts who worked at a Deli outside of Portland, Oregon. All that the investigators have said so far is that there does not appear to be any connection between the people who were unfortunately shot by the man.

Oregon Mall Shooter

By the time the police had gotten to him, the shooter had already taken his own life.
Every loss of life is tragic, and for those who have lost someone, or the parents of the young girl in the hospital fighting for her life, this Christmas simply wont be the same without them.

Oregon Mall Shooting: Clackamas Town Center Gunman Identified as Jacob Tyler Roberts

ABC News, Neal Karlinsky and David Wright reveal the latest details emerging after mall tragedy.

Oregon Mall Shooter Identified, Ex-Girlfriend Speaks

Jacob Tyler Roberts’ ex-girlfriend told ABC News’ Neal Karlinsky that he sold all of his possessions

Clackamas Town Center shooting

Two people were killed and at least one other was shot at Clackamas Town Center by a man brandishing a semiautomatic rifle, according to police reports.

Emergency dispatchers received reports that a shooting may have occurred near Macy’s and that a man was seen with an AR-15 rifle near the mall’s food court around 3:29 p.m. The man also may be wearing body armor.

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