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Google Maps iOS 6

iOS 6 was launched in September and the Google Maps default application was suddenly gone. Apple launched their own mapping service with much anticipation from users.

Fast forward just a few months and it has been nothing less than a disaster for Apple. Wrong map information, mismarked landmarks, old data and a handful of other issues are just the tip of the iceberg. Apple CEO Tim Cook even apologized for the app’s performance and vowed to correct the issues.  Enter Google Maps for iOS, again. Late Wednesday Google launched their new and updated service in the App Store.

The  updated app has been completely redesigned by Google and brings voice turn by turn navigation and transit directions. It offers 2d and 3d imaging, traffic information, public transit and the highly touted Zagat restaurant reviews. Google did not include offline map capability in this version, but it is coming soon. One of the highly used features in Android devices is Street View. Google Maps on iOS has this feature at launch and users can view 360 degree panoramas of outside streets and the inside of businesses.

Developers can also take advantage of the new app with the Google Maps SDK for iOS. The blog points out their obvious goal in a closing statement.

“Our goal is to provide you with the right tools to build the best mapping experiences across platforms including Android, Web, and now iOS.”

A few hours after the launch some users reported getting an error on downloading from the App Store. This appears due to overwhelming demand of the new product. After being available for 7 hours the app is already on top of the most popular free app section.  The new app can run on any iPhone, iPad or Touch that can run iOS 5.1 or newer. At launch it will be available in 40 countries and 29 languages.

A popular news story out of Australia pointed out the severity of the issue that Apple has with their first maps release.

“Australian police are discouraging the use of the Apple iOS map app after several people were stranded in the Australian wilderness by following the app’s directions. In one case, the motorists were stranded for 24 hours without adequate amounts of food and water.”

Forbes actually published a list of the six worst Apple Maps failures that included a hospital being mislabeled, Jerusalem missing from the map and and incorrect address for Washington, DC’s Dulles Airport. Many tech bloggers also were using the software as a beta and were given incorrect driving directions to the launch event of the new Maps software.

Apple will eventually correct its mistakes and release a better product, but will the Google version be back as the default go to for users?

Google Maps for iPhone is here

Google Maps for iPhone is here.

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