Detroit Lions, so close and yet so far after Loss on Sunday Night to Packers

Detroit Lions Record
“This is as disappointing as it gets” says Lions player Jason Hanson, the only player who has been on the team since the losing streak began in 1992. The last 22 games at Wisconsin have been lost to the Packers, and after the original 14 point lead on Sunday, it was thought that the losing streak would finally be broken.

Hope was raised in the Detroit Lions fans until a fumble by Stafford, and penalties against the Lions, helped to grant the Packers 10 points; all hope was pretty much lost when the Packers running back Harris ran through a hole on the right side and ran untouched for the final 14 yards, putting them ahead seven points.

Hanson says that he feels like he has to answer for the loss, seeing himself as the only common denominator in the 22 streak loss.

However, the Lions were not the only players out there with their losing streak in mind; Aaron Rodgers, Packers quarterback, commented that he had thought about that losing streak when the Lions were up 14 points; he recalls how he thought about how it would be a “waste of a beautiful day to end that streak”.

To the dismay of the multitudes of Lions fans the team did not “waste” that lovely day breaking their streak; they didn’t break the streak Sunday, or any other game before it. As Hanson also said, “it’s an ugly statistic”.

After last year’s win and loss record of 10-6, the hopes for the Lions to continue being that good team were fairly high; however, the fans have been disappointed to find the win and loss score of the Lions to be 4-9.

The team has been guaranteed the last place finish in the North with their unfortunate score, being unable to finish ahead of the Minnesota Vikings who are third in the division; Detroit’s offensive lineman Rob Sims commentated that he believes “winning is contagious. Last year, it was contagious…but it’s not happening for us like it was last year”. Few of their fans, or anyone else, would disagree.

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  1. Being a Lions fan since the late 70’s I got a little concerned at the end of last year. What would I do with my “We Always Have Next Year” and “So Who’s Football Career Will Be Destroyed in April When the Lions Draft Them” T-Shirts? No worry’s though, last year was a blurp, you have to be prepared for those.

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