Clackamas Town Center Shooting With Hockey Mask Leaves 3 Dead

Clackamas Town Center Shooting

With a mall shooting in suburb of Portland, Oregon a Santa Claus was seen running for cover. This holiday season for Clackamas, OR has turned sour quickly this afternoon as a gunman that looked to be in his teens, with dark hair and a hockey mask went on a shooting spree. It was told to that an Oregonian sports columnist John Canzano had hear people as many as 60 shots were fired.

The teenage gunman was said by many people at the mall to have been wearing camouflage on at least his t-shirt and a bullet proof vest. One person interviewed by NPR named Austin Paddy who was an employee at Macy’s said the Oregon Mall shooter announced himself as he walked through the mall shooting people saying, “I am the shooter.” As the gunman kept firing people ran through the mall trying to take cover in store backrooms.

Another employee at the Oregon mall shooting in Clackamas told CNN, “I thought I was going to die. The gunshots were so loud, it was very scary. Kids were crying. Parents were crying, too.” Some Christmas shoppers in the mall thought for awhile that the shooting was some kind of joke. Once people heard the screams, saw people’s faces and witness people trying to hide it all became reality.

Oregon mall shooting videos have been flooding on YouTube throughout the day as more people react to the fatal mall shooting and news coverage gets released. On a video that is from KOMO 4 news an official said an AR-15 rifle was used in the mall shooting and secured at the scene. People were asked to evacuate the mall with their hands up in the air.

BREAKING! Eyewitness Describe Hiding From Shooter At Clackamas Mall In Oregon

Clackamas Town Center Shooting: Gunman Opens Fire at Oregon Mall

Witness: People were running, screaming

A witness at the mall shooting near Portland, Oregon, talks about the chaos of the shooting to CNN live on TV.

Shots Fire Oregon Mall Shooting 2 Dead 7 Hurt Over 60 Shots Clackamas Town Center Mall

A gunman wearing a camouflage outfit and a white plastic mask.

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  1. Had the gunman been on a revenge shoot out, had he been seeking to target anyone in particularly or was this all indiscriminate shooting? Which augers another question, why today, what had finally snapped in the man’s head that he needed to go out there and inflict such horrific carnage? And then even more strangely if he had come dressed for battle why did he in the end choose to fatally shoot himself?

    Or could one even wonder perversely that the man hadn’t necessarily come to kill an entire town but simply to take a whole community and country hostage with his self capitulation, ensuring himself finally a melodramatic exit from a life that increasingly as for many Americans has begun to lose value or meaning and led to some choosing a guns blazing glory self demise?

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