Disney World’s New Fantasyland Grand Opening Celebrated on December 6

Disney World Fantasyland Expansion Update

Walt Disney’s New Fantasyland opened December 6, as the largest expansion in the park’s history. This New Fantasyland has doubled the original size of Fantasyland as well as brought forth a blend of classical Disney characters. The chairman of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts says “It gives guests another level of immersion”.

New Fantasyland is made up of the Enchanted Forest, and Storybook Circus; people of all ages will be able to visit Eric’s castle in the Little Mermaid, and enjoy a nice meal at the Be Our Guest restaurant at Beast’s castle from Beauty and the Beast as well as being able to “soar high above Storybook Circus with Dumbo”. During the lunch hours the Be Our Guest restaurant gives the customers a chance to order at touch-screen kiosks as well as allow them to take radio-frequency devices to their tables; however, once dinner time rolls around the restaurant will be¬†transformed¬†into a fancy table-service dining experience.

As is the Disney style, the New Fantasyland has an over the top decor inside and out. Great attention is paid to details throughout New Fantasyland to give guests a completely immersive experience. Whether it be castle’s in the Enchanted Forest, or multicolored circus tents in the Storybook Circus, the Walt Disney Corporation has gone the extra mile to give guests a top-notch experience.

Children and grown-ups will be able to take pictures, and meet and greet, with Belle and her friends when they invite the guests to help them to act out the “tale as old as time” in the Beast’s enchanted library; Ariel from the Little Mermaid will be found at Eric’s castle.
According to Disney a Princess Fairytale Hall is scheduled to open in 2013 where the guests can meet all the princesses of Disney’s court, as well the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is also scheduled to become a part of the attraction.

Along with the new attractions, guests can still experience the older, more traditional rides, and places, in Disney World from Cinderella to Winnie the Pooh. Whether one is looking for old traditional Disney, or new and improved Disney, the famous Disney World will not disappoint the guests whether they be young or old.

New Fantasyland at Disney World

New Fantasyland Grand Opening

We celebrated a milestone event at the Walt Disney World Resort as we took guests beyond the walls of Cinderella Castle and officially welcomed them to New Fantasyland. It was a star-studded morning with Ginnifer Goodwin from ABC’s “Once Upon a Time,” American Idol’s Jordin Sparks and Mickey Mouse helping us do the honors as we marked the grand opening of the largest expansion project in Magic Kingdom Park history

New Fantasyland Expansion Construction 2012

New Fantasyland opens on November 19th, 2012 (soft opening) and officially opens on December 6th. The new Snow White Coaster will not open until 2014.

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