Smoking Cigarettes Could Be Making Hangovers Worse Experts Say

Smoking and Hangovers Bad Combo

If you like drinking on the weekends or anytime for that matter you might want to lay off on the cigarettes. From results of a study done by researchers it seems that if you’re drinking heavy amounts of alcohol you should probably steer clear of smoking cigarettes. The severity of your hangover seems to depend on it.

The study was done by researchers at the Centre for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University. A survey was done for around 8 weeks with students asked to keep a diary on their drinking and smoking habits. The log of drinking and smoking was analyzed by the research team and they saw some signs that point to cigarettes making hangovers worse. How many students were logging their party sessions and revealing their drinking and smoking habits? It seems the study had 113 college kids as participants doing a little more extra than just their homework. Truth be told, the study was actually part of their homework during the entire semester of their college class.

One of the Doctors behind the research study, Dr. Damaris Rohsenow said to the BBC, “At the same number of drinks, people who smoke more that day are more likely to have a hangover and have more intense hangovers.” In fact not only did people experience severe and intense hangovers after drinking and smoking, they sometimes just had hangovers more often. That’s right, smoking cigarettes improved the probability that you just may have a hangover altogether.

It’s not the best news obviously because a lot of people like to have a cigarette while enjoying their favorite drink. In fact, Dr. Rohsenow was quoted in WebMD as saying, “People also tend to feel better when they smoke while drinking because both increase the release of dopamine.” It was also discussed that when drinking people under the influence experience the sedative effect of alcohol and cigarettes can counteract that.

If you’re thinking you’ll just cut out the cigarettes on the night you plan to drink, don’t start making plans so fast. It seems that from the study the researchers found that smoking a day before the drinking episode also created the potential for severe hangovers. The final piece of advice was left that if you want to avoid hangovers to drink soft drinks in between drinks and avoid dark drinks which have a higher probability for creating hangovers. For more information on this study the entire results and data are in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

With studies and research there is always one thing to keep in mind, it’s always just data and correlations. You can’t assume that smoking cigarettes will positively give you worse hangovers but the data shows it’s very possible. As stated in some of the interviews with the Doctors in these studies, it could be something else, like the diet of the college students. It’s definitely something to think about however and if it improves your health by getting you to smoke less, it’s better anyway!

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