RedBox Instant by Verizon Announced $6 Streaming Service

Redbox Online Streaming

Back in February, Verizon and Redbox announced a partnership that would launch in 2o12 to create a “New Consumer Choice For Video Entertainment”. The service has so far been a private beta, but the duo is a step closer to making it a reality.

On Thursday GigaOM reported the help section of the Redbox Instant site had new detailed information. Here is what was pulled before the pages went offline. Low end subscriptions will start at $6 a month, which will give customers unlimited access to the streaming video content. At launch the library is expected to be much smaller than the current market leader in Netflix. The next plan is offered at $8 and adds four physical DVD rentals per month. These do expire at the end of each month and can not be carried over. Redbox Instant will offer movies to download for offline viewing starting at $0.99 each. Details were not given on if and when these offline movies would expire.

The service will be available at launch via a web browser, iOS, android, Xbox 360 and select Samsung TV’s and Blu-ray players. A possible start date of December 17th was visible on the page, but there has been no firm confirmation. Subscribers will have the ability to register up to 5 devices under one account. Linux will be left out on the desktop option as the service will use Silverlight for streaming.

With Verizon as a partner, this could mean their phones have exclusive content or possibly built in native apps on future Android phones. The cell phone giant has longed for a streaming partner and their network presence should provide plenty of bandwidth for the service.

The biggest competitor besides Netflix is Amazon. The Kindle fire has been a huge success for Amazon and the giant library is pushed right to each device along with many other 3rd party options. Apple and Google may begin to force competition in the near future.

Apple has millions of customers with iPhones and iPads that already use iTunes. It’s a powerful portal for all content, but streaming is just getting started with the recent release of  iTunes 11. Apple TV has long been rumored to receive a quality upgrade, but it has yet to happen. Google has the Play Store portal and YouTube for streaming. It, like Apple, also has a TV product in Google TV, that lacks content and features. This shouldn’t be confused with the new Google Fiber product launching in Kansas City, which will offer regular TV service.

Redbox currently dominates the physical disc rental market and has a very powerful partner in Verizon for Redbox Instant. Time will tell if they can battle for market share in an ever changing streaming world.

Verizon & Redbox to launch video service

Verizon and Coinstar, owner of the redbox video rental kiosks, announced plans Monday for a new video service that will go after Netflix with both physical and digital options.

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