Apple iTunes Releases Updated iTunes 11

iTunes 11 Release Date

Apple may have found a gold mine when they first released the Apple iTunes program back in 2001. Since then, iTunes has morphed from a standard music player into something much larger, but at the same time a little complex also. When you think of iTunes it can no longer be considered just a music player, it’s also an App store, music and movies store and a way to manage iPod, iPhone and iPad devices. With iTunes being able to manage and store varies different items it can get a bit cluster and messy, so what better way to clean it up then a nice upgrade.

Yesterday, Apple finally released their well worked and slightly delayed new iTunes 11. The revamped iTunes was originally scheduled to go live by the end of October, but Apple mentioned it needed a few more weeks because they wanted to take a little extra time to get it right according to PCMAG.

Here are a few things to check out when you download the new iTunes.  First, let’s start off with the actually design. The design is going to look much different than what you are probably used to seeing when you open up your iTunes. Remember that sidebar that displayed the links to your playlists, the iTunes Store, Books, Movies, Podcast and stuff like that? Well say goodbye to that as Apple has removed it in the new version. Instead, Apple wants users to sort of rely on a drop down tool to easily navigate between aps. However, if this seems to be a little too confusing or just uncomfortable, you can still actually get your beloved sidebar back, just make sure to enable the “Sidebar Bonus” feature in the view menu icon.

While the new iTunes may have deleted or hidden some features from the past version it has also gave users something to get very excited about also. The iTunes Mini-Player has users and critics alike over joyed at how much emphasis Apple has put on the Mini-Player for iTunes 11. The Mini-Player is in a shrunken down playback menu which shows you the track name, and artist by default and when you move your mouse over it replaces them with playback controls.

Along with this the Mini-Player gives you constant access to one of the new features “Up Next”. This feature reminds me this music app called Turn table that allows you to put playlist together in a music chat room, playing the next available song on your list.

Up next, is essentially just like that, users can click on the caret menu on an individual track and choose to add it to the Up Next list. When the app is open, you can see the songs iTunes intends to play next, you have the option to remove the ones you don’t want to hear, and reorder upcoming tunes as well according to Mac World.

When it comes to the streaming of T.V. shows, and movies iTunes 11 does something for the first time. Users can finally use iTunes to stream movies and TV shows that they already purchased, without downloading them first. This is possible because any content you purchase from the iTunes Store should appear playable even if you haven’t downloaded it to your computer. As far as the iTunes store goes there is has been a little tweak in the design as users can now use the new Preview History feature, which lets you browse through all the media which you’ve previewed in the iTunes Store.

You can download the software via the download link on Apple’s iTunes website.

iTunes 11 Features – Demo & Overview

Apple finally released the long waited iTunes 11 for both Mac and PC. This is a completely redesigned and new player, store, and includes more icloud features.

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  1. New version deleted my playlists. Sucks.

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