Minecraft for Raspberry Pi is Coming For Free

Minecraft Raspberry Pi Demo

The popular desktop game is coming to the Raspberry Pi platform. Minecraft is considered a “sandbox” genre game where users place blocks to build anything they can imagine. It has creative building aspects, that allow players to create worlds with 3d textured cubes. Gameplay is not driven by a specific  plot, but by the imagination of the users.

It was created by a Swedish programmer and Mojang later developed and published the game in 2009 for the PC. The game has recently been released for iOS, Android and the Xbox 360 live arcade.

The Pocket Edition of Mincraft is an official Mojang produced port.  The Raspberry Pi Foundation described a potential setup. “All you have to do is set up a network connection to the running game, and then you can send text commands to control the world. This makes is possible to program in any language which supports network connections, and you can access the game from any computer which is connected to the Pi. One possible setup is to have a Python prompt and the Minecraft window side-by-side on the Pi.” Their goal is to have the free version available for download by the end of the year.

What is a Raspberry Pi? It’s a simple Linux based credit card sized computer that was created for teaching basic computer science in schools. It was developed by the  Raspberry Pi Foundation in the  UK as a registered charity. The impressive part of the Pi outside of the size and HD video output is its low price of $35. That will get you a 700MHz ARM processor, Broadcom GPU, HDMI/RCA jacks for video outputs, USB, SD card slot for storage and 512mb of ram.

With all of the potential uses for the Raspberry Pi it’s become a popular device for programmers, teachers and the hacking community. Many forums are dedicated to different projects that people have attempted with numerous success stories.

“The possibilities are massive. You could organize the cheapest LAN party of all time, or use the Pi to learn the fundamentals of programming on a minuscule budget,” says Mojang.

Recently, Jeremy Morgan successfully turned the Pi into a working web server. You can see his step by step tutorial on his blog. Other popular uses for the tiny power house are a Mame gaming console, home automation control and a streaming music device. The popular XMBC media center software works extremely well on the Raspberry platform. How to Geek has a simple walk through on what is needed and how to set up the XMBC software.

At a recent conference, RS was demoing a 5mp camera that will connect to the Raspberry Pi via header pins. It is capable  of capturing 1080p H.264 video at 30 fps. The camera should be on sale sometime in early 2013 for $25. A video from the conference with a live example is shown below.

Minecraft is an extremely popular game that has sold more than 11 million copies since it’s release. Combine this with a tinker friendly piece of bargain hardware and I believe you have a winning combination.

Raspberry Pi SCALE 10x 2012

Team XBMC member Keith walks us through the Raspberry Pi device, demonstrates XBMC functionality in this proof of concept port, and plays some 1080p videos.

Minecraft: Pi Edition

A preview of a very early version of Minecraft: Pi Edition. It’s a port of Pocket Edition and has been in development for less than a week, so please excuse any glitches. This demo was performed on a standard 256MB Raspberry Pi with no overclocking.

Raspberry Pi Camera

The Raspberry Pi Camera demonstrated at Electronica 2012 by Pete Wood of DesignSpark/RS Components.

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