Halle Berry and Fiancé Olivier Martinez Seek Restraining Order against Gabriel Aubry

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Usually, the holiday season is meant to bring families together; not apart. It seems that over the holiday weekend, Oliver Martinez and Gabriel Aubry decided to share some punch together; unfortunately, the punch they shared was not of the beverage kind but instead physical. A physical brawl broke out between the two and the explosiveness left Berry on Thanksgiving Day, according to TMZ, seeking a restraining order on Aubry; effective immediately.

Halle Berry, 46, will likely be in court as soon as possible to fight for an extension of an emergency order of protection placed on Aubry that was issued by a judge over the weekend. In it, Aubry must stay 100 yards from Berry, Martinez and 4-year-old Nahla; however, the order ends Tuesday. If the judge grants it, male model Aubry would be denied the rights of seeing his daughter for an indefinite time period. According to their site, The Gossip reports that Berry was shocked that Aubry would display violence in front of their young daughter. Furthermore, she will likely argue that Aubry is not equipped to be a suitable father and role model to Nahla.

The incident behind this happened on Thanksgiving morning when 37-year-old Aubry went to Berry’s home in Hollywood Hills to drop off Nahla for the holiday. Martinez, 46, approached Aubry in the driveway and when he told him “We need to move on,” it apparently caused his temper to flare up. Enraged, Aubry attempted to slug Martinez but missed and only ended up striking the French actor in his shoulder. Martinez retaliated by striking Aubry squarely on his face, bruising his eye and, according to TMZ, eventually holding him down on the ground until police arrived. While this was going on, Berry moved Nahla away from the violence.

Meanwhile, Aubry has been reported to obtain a restraining order against Martinez, who apparently threatened to kill Aubry if he wouldn’t let Berry move to France with Nahla. After the fight, police arrested Aubry on suspicion of misdemeanor battery. The restraining order calls for Martinez to stay at least 100 yards away from Aubry. Both were treated after the fight as Martinez was reported to have neck and hand injuries. Aubry was treated for a black eye and supposed broken rib.

To add to Martnez’s issues, his restaurant in Miami, Florida has been reportedly hit with 13 critical violations following an inspection by state authorities earlier this month. During a routine inspection on November 16th, officials discovered 13 violations at the Villa Azur eatery that were considered to be critical, or “likely to directly contribute to food contamination and illness,” while another seven violations were deemed to me “noncritical.”

Despite this, a spokesperson for the Villa Azur has played down any concerns by saying, “The kitchen is very clean. We follow all the rules and regulation. We did have an inspection, but the inspector found no major violation.”

Halle Berry Ex-Boyfriend Arrested

Will Thanksgiving brawl impact Halle Berry custody case.

Halle Berry’s Ex Spotted With Black Eye

Gabriel Aubry is photographed with a massive shiner following his Thanksgiving Day brawl with Olivier Martinez.

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