Chris Brown, Jenny Johnson Engage in Heated Twitter War

Chris Brown Jenny Johnson Twitter War

There has become a strong connection with celebrities and twitter accounts over the past few years, some of the more well-known celebrities have thousands maybe millions of followers.  For the most part, it provides fans to have a little example of what that person life is like sometimes.

However, twitter just like any other social interactive website gives the opportunity for people to engage in arguments, and just down write verbal jousting. This has currently become the case when Hip Hop star Chris Brown, and Comedian Jenny Johnson got into a pretty heated and vulgar altercation via their twitter accounts.

This is not the first time Chris Brown has been in the headlines because of his twitter account.  Last month, he posted a picture of himself dressed as a terrorist for Halloween, which a lot of people thought to be racist. For Jenny Johnson, who is considered one of the funniest people on twitter, this verbal abuse may have been a long time coming. She has constantly poked at Chris Brown ever since his 2009 arrest for beating up then Girlfriend Rihanna.

Since the altercation Chris Brown has deleted his account and Jenny Johnson has been receiving ongoing death threats from the things she said to Chris Brown.

The whole argument between the two started with Chris Brown tweeting “I look old as F***, I’m only 23!”  This prompted Johnson to reply saying ” I know being a worthless piece of S*** can really age a person”

As you may have thought this sent Brown into a tirade tweeting several things. Toward the end of their extended dispute Johnson did sound like she was fed up with arguing with Brown and just flat out does not find him to be an influential person at all.

“Ok I’m done I have Zero respect for a person that seems unapologetic for the terrible crime he committed and shows no sign of changing”

This heartfelt comment was counteracted by Brown asking a simple question to Johnson which was “Just ask Rihanna if she is mad”.  The dislike between the two of them appear to be over at least in social media, but the hated death threats are still rolling in for Johnson. She mentioned that she is alarmed by how many death threats she has received via replies since the weekend dispute.

Do you think Brown or Johnson acted mature in their little exchange of words or do you jump on either one of their sides?

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Chris Brown deleted his Twitter account after a pretty crazy exchange of tweets with comedy writer Jenny Johnson. Even if you think Brown’s domestic violence against Rihanna is in the past.

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Chris Brown deleted his Twitter account last night after a NSFW tweet fight with a Houston comedian.

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  1. I would love to start conversations all over the internet to bring another perspective to people’s minds: While everything is spewing out so much hate for Chris, instead of letting one incident define who he is in your minds, I think we’d be better off asking ourselves what this intense level of hatred aimed at a 19 year old (at the time) says about the people of this world. If it is you holding such unforgiveness and hatred toward him what does it say about you?

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