Lauren Scruggs Interview with Horrific Plane Propeller Accident Details [Video]

Lauren Scruggs Interview

Fashion blogger Lauren Scruggs will never look at life the same way again. In last December, Scruggs was involved in a horrific accident with a plane propeller that could have killed her.

Despite the overwhelming odds against her, she is recovering both physically and emotionally. She has gotten support from her family, friends and others that have shared their fight for survival in the hope that it will motivate Lauren to move on with her life.

Now, the 24-year-old Texan is sharing with others how her faith has helped her to move forward as well as letting young girls know that what is on the outside should not define us.  When something tragic or horrific happens to an individual, it is common that faith takes a hit and question how something like this could happen. A person might say, “Why did this happen to me?” What did I do or didn’t do to deserve this?” “How could you do this to me when others who are cruel to others are fine?”

For Lauren Scruggs, she may have questioned her faith but did not think God had abandoned her. E! News was able to obtain a clip of Scruggs’ interview as part of “I Am Second’s” video series that talks about her accident. In it, she says that the accident, the loss of her hand and eye wasn’t “something I would’ve personally chosen for myself,” but it “just shows that God has such a different plan.” She also added “Sometimes, it’s shocking or unexpected. But it’s still something really beautiful.”

E! News host Giuliana Rancic reached out to Scruggs to let her know that her accident should not be looked at an end to her life but that it will add meaning to it. Rancic went public earlier this year about her battle with breast cancer.

Now that she is on the mend, she decided to reach out and lend support to Scruggs as she finds new meaning in her life. Scruggs says that, “I’m seeing that this life is way bigger than me, and I think a lot of things that I held important earlier—even in my career—were quite shallow. I just want to use what I’ve been through to talk to young girls and let them know that our appearance is not what defines us.”

She also says, “It’s just amazing to watch how the Lord has restored me and healed my body in such a short amount of time and has done miraculous things.”

Another person who reached out to Lauren was Bethany Hamilton, who during a shark attack in 2003, lost her arm. Now, the two have hit it off and she has become a support for Scruggs in different ways. One example is when Bethany showed Lauren how she handles rolling up her hair in a bun. It was a lesson in not letting something stand in your way if you want to do something as well as she now sometimes wears her hair like that. “Bethany actually showed me how she just rolls her hair up in a bun and clips it, which I do sometimes.”

Though some of the lessons Hamilton have shown her focus on physical adaptations, Scruggs says she has learned much more from her. “She’s still a pro surfer and she has one arm – she’s not letting her accident deter her from doing what she loves,” says the fashion blogger, who details the accident and its aftermath in this week’s PEOPLE magazine. “That’s a big lesson I’ve learned, not letting fear or insecurity bring you down.”

In less than a year, Scruggs has been able to go back and do a good portion of the activities she loved to do before the accident. She said, “I’m feeling really well. I’m still doing rehab every day. They’re actually just working me out very hard. I love it. (I am) off all pain medication, and just spiritually I feel a lot deeper in my faith.”

She added, “It’s amazing the way your body just kind of does what it needs to do. Things that are really difficult at the beginning I don’t really think about it anymore, and they’re easy to do, so I’m thankful for that.”

Despite the positive outlook, she has had moments that were trying and emotionally painful, such as the first time she looked into a mirror following the accident. Lauren said, “It was really difficult. I think it was just a dose of reality. I was kind of getting off my pain medication, so you’re starting to understand what happened. It was hard to see, for sure.”

Though she received a legal settlement from the insurance company for the plane’s owner and the pilot, she has not second-guessed why the accident happened. She said, “It’s just an accident that happened, and there’s no one to blame.’’

Lauren Scruggs Accident Details

The injuries Lauren suffered by accidentally walking into a spinning airplane propeller were at first life-threatening, then lifestyle-altering. Losing an eye, a hand, and enduring multiple surgeries, Lauren had to face new realities of life. How would this young woman, pursuing a career in the world of fashion and style, react to these changes in her appearance and abilities?

Lauren Scruggs Today Show Interview

Former model Lauren Scruggs talks with ‘TODAY’ about life after horrific plane-propeller accident.

Lauren Scruggs Interview

Since tragedy struck Lauren Scruggs last December, the media has continued to falsely portray her as a model. After the show, Lauren told us how she really feels about the misrepresentation and what she hopes for the future.

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