Jolla, a Mobile Phone OS Called Sailfish, Created by Former Nokia Employees

Jolla Mobile

Is there still room for a 3rd or 4th mobile operating system? The former Nokia employees that have created Jolla seem to think so.

Nokia produced a single phone that ran the operating system named MeeGo. The lone N9 phone was still fairly popular outside the US. Nokia abandoned the MeeGo project in 2011 after the company went in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone.  Nokia’s N9 team left the company and formed Jolla, in an attempt to bring MeeGo back to life.

A few brief notes about the walk through. Sailfish has a nice combination of what Windows Phone offers with it’s live updating home tiles and Android like widgets. The OS appears simple, yet has many custom options to fit individual tastes. Multitasking is a key feature that Jolla wants to emphasize and is evident in the limited video shown. Ambience is the name of a theme generator that will create a complete look and feel for your phone based on analyzing a photo.

Many Android apps will run natively on the phone, something RIM also attempted on its failed Playbook tablet. The Sailfish development SDK will be available on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux within the coming months. The company hopes to have a working unit available for sale in Q2 2013. It’s also completed a deal with the Finland-based carrier DNA to offer the devices upon launch.

With Apple’s iOS devices and Google’s Android dominating the market, it’s tough to see anyone gaining market share anytime in the near future. Microsoft and Nokia’s joint phone attempt is off to an admitted sluggish start and RIM appears to be fading into the background. Earlier today, another Government agency announced they will switch its 17,600 employees to Apple devices from RIM.   Mozilla is still on track for an early 2013 launch of their mobile OS based on the popular desktop Firefox browser.

Change and competition spawn innovation and the mobile OS game is still very early in its infancy. Constant competition will keep the top companies trying to innovate and polish their products. The Jolla employees should know how fast the market can change as they witnessed first hand how quickly a global leader, like Nokia, can fall.

We are Jolla

Today, the Swedish company has given its first demo of the MeeGo based OS, Sailfish. It appears to be running on an N9 phone in the video.

Jolla’s Sailfish UI Hands-On Preview

Kicknetwork has also now uploaded a hands on video of the Sailfish OS.

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