Casey Anthony Google Searches ‘Foolproof Suffocation’ Detectives Overlooked in Case

Casey Anthony Case

When Casey Anthony was acquitted for the murder of her two-year-old daughter in 2011, many of the jurors went into hiding due to the public outrage over the verdict. Though most of them refused to comment, two jurors commented that the reason for the verdict was based on the prosecution not being able to conclusively prove how Caylee died.

Now, a report has come out that says detectives of the case overlooked a computer search on foolproof suffocation methods that was made from Caylee’s home on the last day she was seen alive.Casey Anthony New Evidence

What’s ironic is that the only reason detectives learned of their mistake was that Anthony’s criminal defense attorney, Jose Baez, wrote about the “foolproof suffocation” search in his book, “Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story.”

When Caylee Anthony was found dead in 2011, law officials felt that the two-year-old was murdered and that her mother, Casey Anthony, was the prime suspect. She would be later arrested and charged with murdering her young daughter. As the trial proceeded, Casey Anthony was mostly considered guilty in the minds of the public and that the jury would eventually find her guilty of murder.

When the verdict was read, there was public outcry as the jury found the young mother to be “not guilty” of murdering her daughter. The defense argued that the little girl had accidentally drowned in the Casey’s swimming pool and that George Anthony, Casey’s father, helped her to cover it up.

Even though that during the murder trial computer searches became a key issue, the Orlando Sentinel reports that the term “foolproof suffocation” never came up. The reason for this, according to prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick, was that she was unaware of the search and after talking to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, they confirmed what Baez had wrote in his book that “there was a computer search on ‘foolproof suffocation’ on 6-16-08 that they did not find.”

In his book, Baez suggests that the incriminating search was not done by Casey but actually done by her father, George Anthony. Yet, local Florida TV station WKMG, which initially claimed to have a “bombshell” regarding the Casey Anthony case, uncovered a damning set of circumstances that proves the phrase Googled was not done by her father but Casey Anthony herself.

Casey Anthony Google Searches

WKMG says that at 2:49 p.m., after George Anthony said he had left for work and while Casey Anthony’s cell phone is pinging a tower nearest her home, the Anthony family’s desktop computer is activated by someone using a password-protected account Casey Anthony used.

At 2:51 p.m., on a browser primarily Casey Anthony used, a Google search for the term “fool-proof suffocation,” misspelling the last word as “suffication”; Five seconds later, the user clicks on an article that criticizes pro-suicide websites that include advice on “foolproof” ways to die. “Poison yourself and then follow it up with suffocation” by placing “a plastic bag over the head,” the writer quotes others as advising.

At 2:52 p.m., the browser records activity on MySpace, a website Casey Anthony used frequently and George Anthony did not. Prosecutor Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick would not respond to emails Sunday sent from The Associated Press. Ashton did, however, talked with WKMG and said that, “it’s just a shame we didn’t have it. This certainly would have put the accidental death claim in serious question.”

Jose Baez did not respond as well to email or phone messages Sunday from The Associated Press. He did speak with WKMG and said that he had expected the prosecution at trial to bring up the search. “When they didn’t, we were kind of shocked,” Baez, who no longer represents Anthony, told the station.

Cheney Mason, who represents Anthony and was also on her trial team, would not answer an email message Sunday from AP and his office answering service refused to take a message. As for the sheriff’s office, Captain Angelo Nieves told the station that, “There was an oversight and this has been a learning experience for investigators as well.”

Casey Anthony Evidence ‘Oversight’ Google Searches

Officials break silence on evidence suggesting Casey Anthony searched suspicious terms on Google.

Casey Anthony Googled ‘Foolproof Suffocation’

A local Florida TV station has what it claims is a “bombshell” that never made it into the case against Casey Anthony.

WKMG reports that at the time of Anthony’s trial, prosecutors were unaware of a Google search for “foolproof suffocation” made from the Anthony family’s computer on the day Caylee, Casey’s daughter, died.

The search was initially revealed in Anthony’s lawyer’s book, “Presumed Guilty,” but WKMG has uncovered what it said is a damning set of circumstances that show that the person who Googled the phrase was Casey Anthony, not her father, as defense attorney Jose Baez claimed.

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