Black Friday Bargains Aren’t As Good As December 1st Sales

Black Friday Toy Bargains
Source: Shop Advisor

Listen, you’re not the only one who has waited in a line for Black Friday waiting to get that super hot deal for that one item you’ve been dreaming for. I’ve done it for an LED Samsung 55″ TV, appliances, Xbox 360’s and all kinds of other products. Apparently I was led to believe that the absolute best deals you can get are on announced doorbuster days at places like Best Buy, Kohls or Sears Black Friday sales. Well, the secret is out and data and statistics actually show Black Friday bargains are not the best deals you can get.

We found a company called Shop Advisor that helps people shop. Their short sales pitch is they are, “a deferred shopping platform that connects consumers’ initial interest in a product with their eventual purchase.” They have apps on iPhone, Android and more to help you monitor inventory of products you’re in love with and it also keeps watch of the prices and alerts you when big sales on products show up.

According to their data analysis if you’re trying to buy toys and products before Christmas at a great price the best day to shop is December 1st. The specific data shows that 12.6% of all products had a price drop of at least 30% from their original price on December 1st in 2011. Shop Adviser’s specific factoid on this mystery sale date is, “After Thanksgiving, December 1st is the best sale day. The best chance of getting a toy under its original holiday season price was the first day in December, when 58% of all toys were on sale, and only 230% were above their original price.”

Black Friday Bargains Myth
Source: Shop Advisor

In addition to that days from December 11th – 25th had a high volume of 30% off deals as well. Looking at the chart they provide it looks like Black Friday of 2011 was sitting around 8% of all products had price drops of at least 30%. That means this year for Black Friday 2012 bargains you’re going to find the same kind of situation. We’ve provided a view of this highly detailed chart so you can scope out the best days to buy your heavily discounted toys, appliances and products. The specific statement from Shop Advisor’s PDF pricing sheet says about this period, “Risk-tolerant bargain hunters should wait until the final 14 days before Christmas. If you are willing to wait, or procrastinate, you can count on steep discount in the two weeks before December 25. Last year, every day, starting December 11, at least one in ten toys was available for 30% or more under their original holiday prices. But, delaying can also burn you: almost as many toys saw increases of 30% or more.”

Another myth that I’ve always heard about getting heavily discounted prices on products was to rush out the day after Christmas to get those bargains from retailers that need to sell products they have in stock from their Holiday stock. Well, it seems that the big price plunge that happens to products on shelves that go on clearance or heavy discounts actually happens on December 29th. Obviously at this point stores realize those Tickle Me Elmo’s that are still on the shelves need to be moved out the door to put the stores books in the black.

Our final warning to you if you’re planning on making it out to stores because you saw the Wal-Mart Black Friday Ad, Target Black Friday commercial or know that you want that awesome LED TV from Best Buy’s Black Friday sale is that if you were Santa, you’d be in big trouble. Shop Advisor put it really well when they analyzed 252 toys that Santa could have bought. Their statement about Santa’s predicament was as follows, “Black Friday was among the worst sale days of the 2011 shopping season. In the 54 days from November 1st through December 24th, the day with the fewest products on sale was Black Friday, November 25th, 2011. If Santa had purchased all 252 for his bag on Black Friday, he would have saved $515 compared to the original holiday season prices; but there were 8 other days when he could have saved more than $1,000.” Take it from Santa, Black Friday sales are not all that they are cracked up to be. Good luck this year and may you find the best bargains on store shelves.

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“To the people who pitched tents earlier this week on sidewalks in front of Best Buy stores everywhere: You represent what’s wrong with America.

Thanksgiving was once the perfect holiday. Delectable food. No gift-giving or receiving. Football and old movies on TV. Nothing much to do except enjoy friends and family and reflect on life’s blessings.

Thanks for ruining this blissful day, Best Buy Campers.

How many dinners will be cut short or canceled because employees and herds of shoppers are summoned to the big boxes this evening? Best Buy will open at midnight. Target is opening its doors at 9 p.m. Not to be outdone, Walmart and Sears are opening at 8 p.m.”*

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