Real-Life Sleeping Beauty, Nicole Delien Slept for 64 days Due to KLS Syndrome

Nicole Delien Kleine-Levin Syndrome

Nicole Delien is a real-life sleeping beauty. The 17-year old has what is called Kleine-Levin Syndrome, also called “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.” A disorder that can led to a person sleeping for days on end.

Kleine-Levin Syndrome is very rare and only affects about 1,000 people worldwide, and is very hard to diagnose. Nicole Delian says it took doctors 25 months to diagnose her.  Some doctors thought it was just a virus, West Nile, or even epilepsy.  One doctor even told her mother that Nicole was faking sleep for attention. A doctor at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was able to finally diagnose her disorder and offer some suggestions on how to manage it, including medication that helps spread out her sleeping spells.

Delien’s mother told talk show host Jeff Probst that the teen has at times, slept 32 to 64 days in a row, waking only in sleepwalking mode to eat or use the restroom. During her sleeping spells, Nicole Delien has no recollection of anything that happens. When she awakes, her parents slowly fill her in on what she missed. Sometimes they have to keep her home from school for a couple of extra days to ensure she’s not overwhelmed with questions because she is upset that she missed a lot.

“She’s never really adjusted to it,” her mother, Vicki Delien told Jeff Probst. “She’s 17 now and it really upsets her. She’s missed out on a lot.”

In addition to excessive sleeping, Kleine-Levin Syndrome symptoms often include appearing “spacey” or childlike. When awake they experience confusion, disorientation, complete lack of energy (lethargy), and lack of emotions (apathy). Most patients report that everything seems out of focus, and that they are hypersensitive to noise and light. In some cases, food cravings (compulsive hyperphagia) are exhibited. Instances of uninhibited hypersexuality during an episode have also been reported according to KLS Foundation.

The mean diagnostic delay for proper KLS diagnosis is four years, causing undue suffering to patients and families. The cause of Kleine-Levin Syndrome is not known.  According to Oxford Journals, KLS disease predominantly affects adolescent males. Although no population-based studies reporting on KLS prevalence are available, it is generally considered an exceptionally rare disease.

Nicole Delien – Real-life Sleeping Beauty, Slept 64 Days In A Row

This 17-year-old teenager from North Fayette, Pa., has a rare condition called Kleine-Levin Syndrome — or “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome” — that makes her sleep 18 to 19 hours a day. And when she does wake up, she is often so tuckered out that she is in a sleepwalking state and doesn’t remember doing basic things like eating, according to KDKA-TV.

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