Nintendo Wii U Release Date with High Expectations in Reviews to Come

Nintendo Wii U

Technology gadgets will always be one of the major headlines during the holiday seasons, and with a new cast of hot tech devices it will be hard to choose from them. Smart phones, Tablets, Laptops, and T.V’s will undoubtedly make their way into households across the country in the upcoming months, but video games and video game consoles will also be garnered by many.

With the newly released Nintendo Wii U, it adds to an impressive list of popular gadgets this year. The Wii U was just released to the public on Sunday Nov. 18 and has already received rave reviews from customers, and tech websites alike. Believe it or not, the fan favorite Nintendo Wii has been out in the market for six years now, that may be on the borderline of a upgraded system or a new console completely, and that’s just what Nintendo did. For $300 you get the Wii U Console which you can hook up to your TV to play games along with the Wii U game pad which acts like a portable gaming device.

Both the console and the game pad have a sleek shinny look to it and the game pad which is basically a big game controller stretches just a little over 6 inches.

The game pad is fairly similar to the Nintendo DS, but with a few different perks to it like it being both a game pad and touch screen, along with a front facing camera. Critics have complemented the device as having very strong durability and at the same time being really lightweight.

Some critics like how the device looks and feels like a tablet with a pretty cool controller built into it. However, even though the device is essentially a portable gaming console, one of the knocks on the new console is its battery life and how you have to recharge it every few hours. With the console just being released there will always be positives and negatives about it, but even Nintendo said it themselves that the Wii U will get better over time, but for now they believe it is has potential to be one of the best systems in the market, and others believe so too.

“Graphically speaking, Wii U games are just about on par with current-generation Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 visuals,” Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said.

Nintendo has put out a couple a stellar systems over the years, but the makeup of the Wii U has accomplished a few “First” for the company. With the Wii U having an IBM multi-core processor, 2GB of RAM, HDMI cord and an AMD Radeon graphics chip, it marks the first time a Nintendo system has ever had all of them in one system according to ABC News. The Wii U also is the first Nintendo system to actually be able to have HD quality games being played on a HD TV.

The Wii U may take years to gain the popularity and the household name like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but it has officially been launched into the gaming world, only time will tell now.

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