Old Video Game “Treasures” May Garner You Some Money

Old School Video Games

The costs of video games have continued to increase ever since the NES and Atari came out. The economy and the current year will always have a direct impact on merchandise sales, right now you’re looking at $60 per game for the major three gaming consoles. If you are a gamer you most likely have a library full of video games throughout the years from the Nintendo 64 to whatever system you have now, but will all those wonderful games you have accumulated have you ever thought if they were worth something? Fortunately there are a handful of old games that if you have them can garner you some impressive bucks if you wanted to turn them in.

There is an article on Yahoo that mentions a list of eight games that could potentially be gold mines, along with the odd money maker with GameCube component cables. GameCube was a while ago and I actually still have mine collecting dust in a box in my basement. Surprisingly the GameCube component cables are going for anywhere from $100-150, the reason they are going for 100 plus dollars is that, they were only ever made by Nintendo (no third-party alternatives exist).

They were also made in small quantities, and were the only way to get high-quality video out of a GameCube. This makes enthusiasts prepared to pay considerable sums to get their hands on a set. When it comes to the original Xbox there are three games that made the list with one of them being the ever so popular Halo game. However to cash in some money you would have to own the Halo Triple Pack. The triple pack included the first two Halo games along with Halo 2 multi player map pack. The triple pack will go for anything from $80-150.

Another Xbox game is Steel Battalion which released back in 2002 with this mega huge 40-button controller pack that cost $200 at the time. Very few people have been known to get the game seeing that the sales of the game were extremely lower than the designers anticipated. If you are one of the rare people to get this game and the controller pack it is going from anywhere near $300-700 depending on the condition of course. The third Xbox game actually came out for both Xbox and PlayStation 2 called Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance. This game may not have as much value as other “Treasured” games but it still can get you close to $100.

Staying with the trend in PlayStation 2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence: limited edition, if you picked up a copy of this game years ago a used copy can get you a cool $100, but if you simply collected it without opening it you can actually get $500. For the original PlayStation there are two games on the list with one of them being from the hit series of Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy VII was one of the biggest selling games on the original PlayStation and even know the game is a bit old, the game is still in high demand and can net you anywhere from mere $50 to an impressive $500. The other PlayStation game is a game that I never even heard of and the tittle sounds a little weird, but the game Tactic Ogre will net you about the same minimum value as Final Fantasy VII and a little under the max value as you can get $300 for a mint condition form of the game.

The last game is the most current as it comes from the Xbox 360 console. Kingdoms of Amalur if you landed a collectors editions of the game you can get at least $500 for it and as much as $1,000.

So the next time you buy a game whether collector’s edition, limited edition or just a regular copy hang on to it, you never know it could be worth a lot of money some day.


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