Hostess Twinkies On The Chopping Block, Will You Miss Them?

Hostess Twinkies End

Twinkies are a product that are cranked out at the rate of 500,000,000 famous desserts a year. That’s right, in one day’s time there are 1,369,863 Hostess Twinkies being wrapped in plastic, put in boxes and shipped off to all the Twinkie retailers in the world. It seems everyone loves Twinkies enough that demand is enough to crank out amazing volumes of creme filled desserts at an amazing rate.

That cream filled dessert may be on the chopping block however as the CEO revealed that if workers didn’t come back from a strike by 5pm they’d start bankrupting. Hostess bankrupt? That seems to be the issue at hand these days when the CEO Gregory Rayburn stated, “We don’t have the financial wherewithal, nor the manpower, to sustain operations through a strike.”

What is at stake with a baker Hostess strike? A total of about 18,000 jobs across the entire country. Why are workers striking at Hostess? Well, a new referendum called a “contract concession” said that workers would receive a pay cut of about 8 percent and their benefits would get cuts of around 17 percent. It’s a tough Twinkie to swallow for some workers considering some have put their entire lives into the Hostess company.

Hostess produces more than just Twinkies but also Ding Dongss and Wonder Bread. While Hostess bankruptcy rumors spread, the reality is, Hostess has already filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the second time in 10 years according to the WCF Courier. In Waterloo, Iowa workers mostly remained at work keeping production going on the lines for Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder Bread.

Are the strikes working at Hostess plants? So far over 3 Hostess plants have been shut down this week because of the strikes. A Hostess spokesman told the WCF Courier, “The three bakeries were closed this week as a direct result of the strike preventing them from making and delivering products.”

The Twinkie may be meeting it’s end. A quick trip to the grocery store to grab your last creamy desire just may be in order. We leave you with some investigative reports that reveal the “how it’s made” history of the Twinkie and other interesting things behind Hostess products.

Tell us if you’ll miss the Twinkie if it’s announced tomorrow that Hostess will liquidate everything.

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