Climate Reality Project & Al Gore Get Auto Tuned #DirtyWeather #Reality

Al Gore Auto Tune

A pretty big worldwide event has been going on for the past 24 hours and you might have missed it. The finale starts just an hour away at 5:00pm PST 6:00pm CST, 7:00pm EST with Al Gore in NYC. The streaming event was launched on the video streaming platform and promoted on Facebook, Twitter and the website

A good breakdown of some of the highlights and how to follow the event on Twitter and Facebook can be found over at this article on Think Green Degrees.

Climate Reality ViewersFrom what we have read a goal was made to reach 15 million viewers of this Climate Reality Project that is 24 Hours of Reality titled, “The Dirty Weather Report.” Nearly 30 minutes before the finale event starts with Al Gore, the viewership has already reached the 14,826,016 million view mark. It remains to be seen how far the views will go.

Before you go enjoy some incredible coverage on Dirty Energy creating Dirty Weather, you have to check out the powerful auto tune video of Al Gore during his intro speech to start the Climate Reality Project off with a bang. The auto tuning was done by John D. Boswell of melodysheep which you can find on their own YouTube channel. The title of the video is Symphony of Science: Al Gore on Climate Reality.

Either way, if you don’t watch any of the incredible footage and scientific evidence that climate change is here, watch the Al Gore Auto Tune video. It’s pretty powerful and cuts to the chase and tells you what you need to know.

The Symphony of Science auto tune starts off with a powerful statement from Al Gore that, “We are at a fork in the road. Accepting the reality is the key to making the right choice. We have the solutions at hand. The clues are everywhere and they’re all consistent. As CO2 increases, so does temperature. It traps HEAT, that’s what it does, it traps a lot of heat.” The video continues on in auto tune fashion with panel guests and music mixed in. If the video doesn’t move you and think it might be time for a change, you might want to watch the 24 hour series at Climate Reality Project.

Symphony of Science: Al Gore on Climate Reality

If you’re concerned about climate change, What can YOU Do?

1. Speak Up

  • Win the conversation
  • Don’t let denial go unchallenged
  • Use social and traditional
    media to get the word out
  • Use the #Reality hash tag
  • Write to the editor

2. Deepen Your Commitment

  • Make consumer choices that reduce energy use

Instead of turning the thermostat up, we should start turning it down. That simple truth is… #reality.


Al Gore Twitter

Al Gore’s final quote in the video, “Let’s solve the climate crisis together, we have to deal with reality. This earth is the one we have to care about. It’s the only earth that we will ever have, or love. This earth is the one we have to care about. It’s the only earth that we will ever have.”

Some popular tweets from Al Gore’s Twitter Account:





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