Grand Theft Auto 5 Release Date Set for Spring of 2013

Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer

The latest releases of Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 have both set unprecedented numbers in the gaming world. Halo 4 is on pace to gain over $300 million in it’s first week, while Black Ops 2 may be looking to beat its own world record of $650 million in its first week.

With these two titles claiming top spots for best sellers this year, there is a game coming out in the spring of 2013 that is no stranger of putting up high number of sales also. The mega popular and slightly controversial series of Grand Theft Auto is set to begin the newest installment to the series with Grand Theft Auto 5. The location will still be in San Andreas but in the city of Los Santos where gamers will be eager to do carjacking’s, car chases, shooting, and missions full of mayhem.

The Rock star game released their first two trailers of the game online on Nov.14, which includes about 2 minutes of dialogue from some of the main characters, along with explosives and other “Grand Theft Auto” type of stuff. In previous versions of the game there was only one protagonist, but in GTA 5 the game will now feature 3 protagonists.

Michael is a retired criminal, Trevor a psychopath and Franklin is a gang banger living in a post gang banging world, you can actually switch between the three of them at any time. Along with this you have the Multi-player mode which A lot of gamers are getting excited about, but the Multi-player mode stem from Max Payne 3. Grand Theft Auto V will let players use the same ‘crews’ they establish and build in to import it from Max Payne 3’s multi player, thanks to Social Club integration.

To go along with this, an additional game play will let users take chopper rides over the city, parachute down Mount Chiliad, have some fun on Jet-Ski’s, exercise, and even play golf to entertain yourself. The game is much more than just cars, guns, and money; GTA 5 gives you a wide variety of things that will for sure keep you happy and indulge in the game.

“Environment is important, games are very geographical they present space almost better than the present time, and we try to use that, to showcase variety between different landscapes,” Dan Houser, co-founder of Rock Star and co-writer of Grand Theft Auto said.

“If the shoot-outs, cruising through the world in a car, and overall game play is fun and exciting then we’ve done a good job,” Houser said.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer.

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