Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse To Detox Body and Lose Weight

Dr Oz 3 Day Cleanse

Leave it to Dr. Oz to find some way of losing belly fat.  On the 11/12/2012 Dr Oz show, he says we can reset our body to lose that stubborn fat and watch it melt away with the 3-day detox diet.Dr Oz Detox

Dr. Natasha Turner appeared on the Dr. Oz show with her book called, “The Hormone Diet” which talks about how we can reset our bodies and lose the weight we don’t want. People say they have tried everything to lose weight and it’s not their fault that they still gain it even when they diet, exercise and take pills. Dr. Oz and Dr. Turner both say that’s true, it’s not their fault that they still gain weight; it’s a hormonal imbalance.

Having a hormonal imbalance will make it almost impossible to lose body fat. Dr. Oz has a quiz to find out if you have a hormonal imbalance: 1. Is your hair thinning, brittle or falling out? 2. Do you have heartburn, bloating, gas constipation or diarrhea? 3. Are you stressed, fatigued or anxious? 4. Have you been skipping meals? 5. Do you have belly fat? If you answered yes to at least 3 of those questions, you might have a hormonal imbalance and need to balance them back out in order to lose weight.

In order to balance out those hormones you need to get rid of toxins, Dr. Oz recommends a 3-day detox to do so. Some detox programs will shock your body and make it slow down, but not this 3-day cleanse; it’s just the opposite.  Dr. Oz’s 3-day cleanse will detox your body and leave you feeling great.

The 3 day detox by Dr. Oz has three elements: 1. Eliminate 2. Replenish 3. Reset.  In step one, eliminating those toxins. Our body has over 80,000 different toxins and eliminating them will help us lose weight. Step two is all about replenishing the body with nutrients. Lastly, step 3 in the 3-day cleanse is when your body resets itself, making you feel better and helping you lose weight by eating less.

In addition to the 3-day detox, Dr. Oz recommends you to take 1/2 a multivitamin in the morning and in the evening with your meals. Also he says to take a probiotic supplement with breakfast to help get rid of those toxins in your body. Finally, he says to take an Omega-3 supplement with dinner.

The 3-day cleanse is all about jump-starting your metabolism to help melt that fat away and to cleanse your body. Enjoying a green tea with stevia in the morning paired along the side of a shake consisting of water, flax seed, raspberries, bananas, spinach, almond butter, and a lemon will help you feel energized for the rest of the day.  Dr. Julieanna Hever says using a blender to mix up veggies and fruit helps us get the nutrients we miss lots of times because we don’t chew our food well enough.

Dr. Oz 3 Day Detox

How to change the game starting with your next meal. Plus, Dr Oz’s 3 Day Detox to jumpstart your metabolism.

Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse

Dr. Oz talks about Detoxing

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77 Comments on "Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse To Detox Body and Lose Weight"

  1. Dr. Oz has gone public this week saying that he IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM endorses ANY product. Has even gone so far as to say that MANY of the products using his name are DANGEROUS and should NOT be taken, used, or practiced. Please Google his response to these FRAUDULENT companies prior to dropping your hard-earned money or risking your health!

  2. I was looking to do a 3-day cleanse to prepare for our upcoming vacation. I wanted to drop anywhere from 6 – 7 lbs. I’ve done cleanses before (Shakeology) and always had excellent results. Since I no longer get Shakeology, I went to the internet and found this one on a google search. I sometimes tune into Dr. Oz’s show and always thought he was credible. Let me tell you something up front about this cleanse: it is EXPENSIVE and it is HORRIBLE!!

    I printed the grocery list. Since you’re suppose to repeat a shake, I thought of the three, the Breakfast Shake looked to be the best. I like all of the ingrediants (rapsberries, etc…) so without tasting it, I doubled the Breakfast Shake ingrediants.

    I went to my local grocery store and thought: Wow!! This is going to be expensive!! I bought 6 pints of raspberries and that total was $35.00!! My total bill was over $90!!

    My plan was to bring the ingrediants for the breakfast and lunch shakes to work. I have a handblender and a large measuring cup to blend the ingrediants. I put the ingrediants in tuperware containers, the lunch one I had chopped the cucumber and the apple, and was ready to go!!

    I blended the breakfast shake. It was very, very tart. The banana was lost in the raspberries. I was able to get it down but then thought: I have to do another one sometime today!!

    A few hours later, it was time for the lunch shake. I blended the cucumber, kale, apple, etc… It was beyond nasty!! I thought to myself: Dr. Oz isn’t going to make this easy!! A co-worker stuck her nose in it and almost barfed!! It made 4 cups. I could only eat 2 cups. I’m not a picky eater by any means. If it is on a plate, 99.9% of the time I’ll eat it. This stuff was not going down easy.

    I had been drinking water all day. I must have drank 8 servings of water from the time I woke until lunch time.

    An hour before I left work, I tried to finish the last of the lunch shake. It didn’t get any better!! As I took each spoonful (it’s way too thick to sip through a straw) I kept saying to myself: you’re stronger than this!! You’re stronger than this!! It was a battle to swallow each bite. It was so bad I couldn’t even look in the bowl!! Finally, with one bite left, I thought, that’s enough!!

    I left work and drove home. I was pretty hungry and was looking for the dinner one. I avoided the breakfast one. l put the blueberries, kale, avacado, etc…into the blender and hit whirl. I took a sip. IT WAS PUTRID!! I thought: what the heck?? I love blueberries, kale, avacado. All of these ingrediants by themselves I love. Once they were blended together, they were just plain NASTY!!

    Mind you: for all of 2012 I was a vegan. I ate a plant based diet for one solid year. My goal was to lower my cholesterol. My cholesterol wasn’t too bad but I wanted to see how it would react to a plant based diet. After 12-months, my cholesterol hadn’t changed from when I was on a Mediterranian style diet!! My doctor said: this could just be where you are. Then I thought: why am I doing this to myself?? Eating vegan was easy when I prepared my meals at home. Dining out was a different story. So after Jan 1, 2013 I thought I’d go back to the Med. type diet. I started eating fish and chicken again. For me, it wasn’t that my taste buds had been accustom to fast food, greasy foods, etc…I haven’t eaten fast food in years!! I gave up coffee years ago!! I cannot tell you the last time I drank a soft drink or alcohol.

    So after tasting one sip of the dinner shake, that was the last straw!! I had had enough!! I threw it down the drain, microwaved a piece of grilled chicken breast, 1/2 a sweet potatoe and a side of edamame.

    If you are thinking of doing the 3-day Cleanse, just be very well prepared for spend a lot of money and then have a strong will power to get it down!!

    As far as the ingrediants I have left: i made a white bean and kale soup, I sliced the cucumber and eat it with my homemade hummus, I mashed the avacado and the mango and made a spread that I eat with my turkey burger. I eat the blueberries with my morning oatmeal and I froze the raspberries. I figure I can do something with them at a later date.

    • I find it a bit sad that you gave up so easily, also saying how you have eaten vegan and should like these ingredients. It is actually difficult to find a NEGATIVE review of this cleanse until I found yours. I’m on day 1, have only had the breakfast shake and the tea. It was NOT too sour and my shake tasted nice. I realize it’s not sugary and sweet like a fast food chain smoothie. I am a bit hungry, but nothing untolerable. Maybe you just need to retry and be positive that you can do it. There are so many positive reviews where all kinds of different people are doing well on it. No one said it was a cake walk. No pun intended.

  3. i have the same problem like the previous friend carmen rozier please help me… so that i can live like befoer.

  4. i have the same problem like previoous friend carmen rozier please help… so that i can live my life as before.

  5. where is the video n a list of the foods. sounds very expensive Im on a very tight budget.

  6. I just finished day 1 of the detox and I haven’t lost any weight yet..and throughout the day i was actually up 2lbs. I’m just wondering if that’s normal or if I should try to do something different so I can get better results.

    • this cleanse is not a weight loss cleanse. Yes, some people lose a few lbs but it isn’t intended for that reason, it is to reset your hormonal system and to cleanse your body. Good luck though. Just do the cleanse and check after 3 days. water weight is still weight.

  7. I am finished, and did all 3 days. BUT there was 67 food commercials on the past 2 days and I noticed every single one! lol- I want food so bad, but I will make healthier choices.

  8. I ‘m doing the detox, I’m on day 3 I have all the symptoms everyone talked about. I agree that the lunch blend was very nasty and way too much, there was always left overs, today I felt so blotted after the breakfast shake I couldn’t do the lunch mix, I find it very strange that Dr Oz didn’t tell people to drink lots of water at least 4-6 bottles a day it’s very important to drink lots of water. With that being said, I think this is a good program an I will continue to do it every now and then. It’s much harder for me to loose weight because of my thyroid, but so far I lost 2lbs so I’m happy with that, I will continue to eat healthy and exercise and will incorporate at least 2 of the mixes in my daily routine. Thanks everyone for your comments made feel better.

    • I’m on day 2 and found a way to make the lunch blend a little more tolerable. I left out one stock of the celery, put in another 1/4 of the apple and added 1 teaspoon of stevia. Much easier to drink. I think I’ll leave out the pepper on my evening drink also. Anyway, so far so good. Only slight headaches. I’m not a bath person but I LOVE the bath. Very,very relaxing.

    • Oh and by the way. Peel your cucumber and juice your lime otherwise your drink will be bitter…. I thought about his when I was making my 1st lunch drink and assumed that that was the correct way to add it. I’m glad I made that choice.

    • Dr oz shouldn’t have to tell anyone to drink water. common sense. We are supposed to drink a lot of water daily, even when not doing a cleanse. lol…. why so many complaints, it’s not like starving…these are full of foods, nutrients…etc. It’s not that hard.

  9. Does anyone adjust the detox to include any form of food. I am only on Day 1- however I worked out and feel like I need food (some sort of substance)…I already drank the lunch shake. I eat healthy regularly so it’s not like these foods are new to me. I want to see the benefits from this detox- what do you think? Even a protien bar would be sufficient.

    • the point is to NOT have solid foods so your bowels can clean out and readjust. so nothing other that what is provided is recommended.

  10. I so sick on day 1 did’nt finished lunch or dinner,i throughup on day 1 can i start over?

    • Lisa Stephens | March 25, 2013 at 12:10 am |

      The lemon and green tea first thing in the morning made me feel so nauseated I am surprised I didn’t throw up. I feel your pain!

  11. Where is the list of ingredients I would like to give this cleanse a try

  12. I am finishing day 2 of the detox. I absolutely could not drink the whole lunch drink today. I find it totally disgusting and way too much! I cut the lunch drink in half and managed to get it down. What I didn’t realize is that I should be drinking extra water and have not been doing so. I hope after the expense and trouble this doesn’t affect my results as I am not sure I could do this again. I don’t know how you can work and still do this. I tried making the lunch drink ahead of time and it practically turned into glue! I guess I was using the recipes too literally. I didn’t lose any weight on day 1, but my pants felt looser. I hope this is a good sign.

  13. I finished this 3 day cleanse yesterday and lost 5 pounds!!! This was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve tried many diets and fasts and things over the years but I’m always hungry on them, got headaches and gave up. This cleanse, the whole time, I was never hungry and actually could hardly finish the lunch drinks every day; never once did I get a headache either. I had to make myself drink the dinner drink for days 2 and 3 because I was feeling full from the snack drink. The drinks themselves are yummy and like I said IT WAS EASY!!! I liked it so much I may do it again this weekend….can’t go wrong as healthy as they are!

    • My co workers and I would like to do this cleanse but we are trying to figure out when to start it. In all honesty we are concerned about having the time to go to the bathroom when needed. We are hair stylists and its not easy to just step away from our clients whenever we need to. Is this a concern to keep in mind? Did you notice it more on Day 1 or 3?

  14. Hey ladies I am on the dinner drink of day 3 and have to say its been a rough but rewarding road ! I am however wondering when can I eat food food again ? Can I have a snack after it or wait until tomorrow ? I’m not starving but would love a heathy snack like peanuts or hummus . Any ideas ?!?

  15. Just starting day 2 on the cleanse. I could NOT drink the dinner shake. It was too much for me, I don’t think I could have kept it down! I have been really full on this cleanse. Woke up with a mild/moderate headache this morning though. I was feeling discouraged and grumpy when I woke up and almost made some coffee instead of following through, but then I hit the scale and I have lost 2lbs already! It was some desperately needed motivation to work through another day! Thanks to everyone on here for some great tips and techniques to make today’s shakes a little tastier! Best of Luck!

  16. My sister just tried it and she had no problem with it. So me and the other two sisters are going to do it. She lost 8 lbs! In 2 days, So it works…

  17. Headache cure!! I did not get any headaches as most of you did, headaches during a detox can be because of an overdose of certain vitamins do make sure your only taking half a multi vitamin, or omit completely. Next it coul be because of constipation, make sure u r getting plenty green that will make u go! Next drink 8 glasses of water to help the process go smoother!

  18. I really want to call out to all the people who tried this cleanse and gave up, and the ones who are thinking about trying this and are afraid to or confused, and the people who are having problems with a certain part. Guys, this is way simpler than it may seem. If you don’t like a certain ingredient, then don’t use it. I hate cayenne pepper, for instance. There is nothing magical about having it in there–leave it out! Shake too green? Cut down a bit on the kale and add a bit more liquid. Honestly, it’s not about following every single ingredient or instruction to the letter. It’s about giving your body good things instead of unhealthy things. This is not to say that you can completely substitute totally different things and have this work, but adjusting things a bit so that the experience is enjoyable is allowed! As to some of the questions, here are a few answers. It is absolutely CRITICAL that you drink water, and plenty of it. This will help the headaches and the joint pains and other side effects. Make sure you use Basia’s suggestions in her post above–thanks, Basia! Good tips! And also, I read that some people felt sick after a certain shake. It is really possible that it is the probiotic that is making you feel ill, or the multivitamin. That’s what is was for me. I also hadgot a small stomachache, so I took some Gas-X and that really helped. If it is actually the shake that is bothering your stomach, make sure that you sip it slowly, and drink some water before, during, and after. If your shake is just disgusting, look at your ingredients and technique. Adjust your recipe according to your taste–it really is okay. PEEL the things you can peel–especially the lime! No wonder it was nasty! Read Basia’s post, be a little flexible, keep in mind all the possibilities when you’re trying to figure out where our problem is coming from, drink plenty of water, and use your common sense when you are making these smoothies instead of trying to follow these recipes preciesely, and this detox will be a lot simpler and MUCH more enjoyable, I promise. And make sure you treat yourself to the bath; it’s wonderful and really makes a difference in how you feel. Good luck, everyone!

  19. I just finished this. My husband had to drop out because he was always barfing in the morning after the green tea. I wonder if he is allergic to stevia. Anyways, I looove the breakfast drink best. I actually had that twice on the last day instead of the lunch one. However, that long comment up there about how to blend the lunch one correctly was great. Also, if I do it again I will add cinnamon like another comment said. I had a headache first day which I think was due to caffeine withdrawl, but I really feel great today and it makes me savor and appreciate my food so much more. I lost three lbs too which is cool. I am down to 130. Whoohooo. I think I will have to do this again. Also, if you have leftover Kale, there is a yummy looking recipe on the back of my huuuuge bag that says to use 1 huge bag of chopped kale, 1 15oz can of diced tomatoes, and some italian seasoning and cook it up. It sounds yummy, and it would be a great way to use the leftover kale.

  20. I finished my 2nd round of 3 day detox. This time it was much easier. I changed some of it around to make the taste better. I don’t think the lunch one was ever tasty. The lemon and lime I just used the juice. The cucumber I peeled and only used 3/4 of it and ate the other 1/4. I added more flax seed and it kept me more satisfied. The 1st time around I was very tired and had headaches too. I read an article about this detox and it said as your body detoxes, you may have these symptoms so I continued. This time I didn’t have those. I also felt the bath really helped. 1st round I lost 4 pounds. 2nd round 6 pounds. I have much more energy and bloating/swelling is way down. My new t=shoes are way big so I need to purchase 1/2 size smaller. I didn’t realize how much retention I had. Good luck to all that try and made it through. Oh yes, I didn’t finish the lunch smoothy on any of the days. It took twice is long to drink the lunch one compare to the breakfast and dinner.

    • Congratulations Sue on your weight loss and on your “overall feeling great”!

      I am finishing this detox today and wanted to know what you ate on the day after the cleanse. Did you watch calories and eat carbs or did you stay away from carbs and concentrate on veggies, fruits and grains? (I want a piece of baked chicken tomorrow! I have been dreaming of it baking in the oven! Can you tell I like chicken? 😉

      I also would like to know how close to the first cleanse did you do your second cleanse. I would like to do this cleanse once a month or once a week, but I don’t want to “jinx” the weight loss by “overusing” the cleanse.

      Thank you for your post and I hope to learn from your experiences! Have a great day!

  21. Dr OZ $16? Really??? I had to buy this list from scratch and it ran me almost $80!!!! Day three, lost 6 lbs so far. Mild headaches but other than that doing ok…. The lunch drink is HORRIBLE..YIKES! Look forward to being done and having real meals again! (Better choices though!)

    • I had the same experience. Plus- the first time I tried to make the lunch drink it killed my blender. So I had to give up and try again after spending a lot of money to buy a new blender (the vitamix is awesome–but pricey!). So, total price… $460.

    • He meant $16 per day (total of $48) but even that was an underestimate, It cost me $120, mainly because of the price of the supplements. I used frozen berries, pineapple and mango to try to cut the cost a bit.

  22. On day 1, Felt so so so sick after drinking green tea 🙁 But blended shake right away and the nausea went away. Does anyone have any tips for drinking the green tea and reducing the sick feeling? also, want to add that the 1st drink so far is really good 🙂

    • It sounds like a lot of people had more problems with the stevia than the tea. You can try using more water to thin the tea, steeping it for less time, and using honey as a sweetener instead of the stevia. My husband and I both did this and we ended up continuing to drink the tea afterward.

    • If the stevia is the problem (a lot of people seem to have this issue with it), just add the lemon and skip the sweetener. I did that this morning and felt perfectly fine – actually, it had a cleansing effect!

  23. I felt like crud on this cleanse at first, but started taking a supplement called EPX Daily SeaVeg and it really helped with the headaches and energy levels. It’s the nutritional equivalent of 4-5 servings of veggies. I lost several pounds on the cleanse and, 2 weeks later, taking the daily supplements, drinking water and cutting soda, I’m down 16 pounds and feeling great. 🙂

    Basia’s tips in this thread on how to use the blender really are helpful in making the drinks.

  24. I see many comments about folks experiencing headaches. I too had a headache after the first day. First of all, you need to ask yourself whether or not you are a coffee drinker. I am. As a result, my lack of coffee the first day led to a headache (common occurance with caffeine withdrawl). The headache can also be due to your body’s response to detoxification.

  25. I am doing my 2nd day of my 2nd round. I did this the 1st time Sunday b4 Thanksgiving. I didn’t peel the cucumber and I couldn’t drink it. I peeled it this time and it doesn’t taste great but it was palatable. I was very tired and had headaches the 1st time but this time I feel so much better with much more energy & no headaches. I found the baths were so relaxing and let me sleep better than I have in years. Basia: ty for the blender tip. I am using one of those magic bullet contraption. Off to do the lunch :-w

  26. I absolutely HATE the dinner drink. I have never liked blueberries, and the cayenne pepper upsets my stomach. Is there anything I can do to replace these two ingredients and/or make this dinner drink tolerable?

    • I have found a solution to my own problem! I added more mango and less blueberries, about twice as much mango and half as much blueberries. Then I substituted fresh garlic for the cayenne pepper, about 1/2 Tablespoon of fresh minced garlic. Now it tastes like a delicious mango salsa!

  27. I’m surprised no one is complaining about the dinner shake. I could NOT get it down on day one. Can I eliminate the cayanne pepper??? It burns my throat on the way down and makes me want to throw up!!! Also, I feel totally horrible…..horrendous headache and leg fatigue. I eat basically a clean diet to begin with so I’m surprised that I have such withdrawal symptoms. I was fine most of the day yesterday (day one) but I went to bed with my belly growling and woke up with a horrible headache that has not gone away. I still feel hungry and I finished my lunch shake for the day. NOT looking forward to dinner.

    • Hi Gayle – I am on day 2 and just finished the lunch shake. I totally agree about the dinner shake. It was awful!! I don’t know if I can do it. I also have bad headache and my hands hurt. I have this metal taste in my mouth and a friend told me it was from detoxing. I eat a pretty good diet too but have never done a detox. I am trying to hang in there but it is hard. I am sooo bloated too!! UGH

    • Hi Gayle, try drinking lots more water. Usually the headache and leg fatigue are toxins, so flush them out with the water. I’m very full on this detox, but I’m drinking lots of water.

    • Thanks guys!

  28. I plan to begin this cleanse tomorrow. Can I make the lunch shake ahead of time and put it in the office fridge until I am ready to drink it? Would you recommend dragging my blender in to the office to make the shake in ‘real time’? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

  29. Let’s say I’m on Day 3.75. I did the 3 days and felt great afterward. My yoga classes were a breeze! I actually felt stronger! In a previous post here I offered some tips and suggestions. The lunch drink CAN be made palatable! Read the previous post to see how.

    Why do I say I’m on Day 3.75? I had “leftover” ingredients. So on Day 4 I had green tea with lemon 1st thing in the A.M. again, then made the breakfast and lunch smoothies once more. But on the 4th day, I had broiled salmon and roasted potatoes, squash and Brussels sprouts for dinner. Not too heavy; not a big fat steak. This morning (“Day 5”) I’m doing the same, but there won’t be a lunch drink because I’m out of cucumber. Lunch will be yogurt and berries. Dinner’s going to be a chick pea, veggie and turkey Moroccan stew. Again, not a big steak! No, I’m not going “veggie”. I eat lots of vegetables anyway. And I will have steak again! But I’m easing into “normal” eating rather than just resuming my old habits in full force. So far so good. No weight gain, and I still feel good. I can recommend giving this a try, but inform yourself more about nutrition and food prep techniques. It made a huge positive difference.

  30. Today is Day 1 for me…even though I am not a fan of Green Tea..it was drinkable and not bad. However, the lunch drink is NOT drinkable! So thick and disgusting and WAYYY too much. I just drank half and really could not drink the rest without gagging. I hope this doesnt mess up my cleanse because I do plan on sticking with it for the full 3 days. Does anyone know if we are supposed to be drinking water with this and if so, how much?

    • Lisa, I had the same experience on day 1. Read my previous post. A change in your blender technique really helps a LOT!

    • I found that adding cinnamon makes the lunch drink WAY better! For me, it enhances the pinapple and apple a bit more, and less of the veggies. Try it out!

  31. Okay, glad to hear hardly anyone likes the lunch drink. I just made it for day one. It’s more than a glassful, more like a blender full!! It tastes and smells very green. I’m hoping that my body appreciates this!! Problem is I didn’t bring anything else for my “Favorite” snack drink and will have to make this again then!! Definitely going to plan for bringing more ingredients for a different snack drink tomorrow!!!

  32. The lime makes the lunch drink really tough to drink because it is chewy form the lime peel, which never fully is chopped up. I am constantly pulling lime peel bits out of my teeth. Tomorrow, just the juice…

  33. I just finished this last night, and I can see from posts, video reviews etc. that Dr. Oz has really dropped the ball on this one! The cleanse is very good. I have a very healthy diet anyway (low dairy, low sugar, low fat, low caffeine) so I didn’t experience a huge change. Nonetheless, this did wipe out bloat and help me drop 4.5 lbs overall.

    So where did Dr. Oz fail? There’s not enough information, and some is contradictory.

    Let’s start with the printed sheet. The video segments show a cup of green tea with a sliced lemon in it. The sideboard states “1 lemon, sliced”. The shopping list calls for 6 lemons. The instruction sheet states that there should be 1 slice of lemon in the tea. Did they mean i sliceD lemon? Then, “3 cucumbers”. What size? It makes a huge difference! You get the idea.

    A little more info on nutrition would help. One video reviewer picked up rice milk by accident, and didn’t think it would make much of a difference. Wrong. http://www.fitday.com/fitness-articles/nutrition/healthy-eating/almond-milk-vs-rice-milk-which-is-better-for-you.html Although the shopping list specifies *ground* flax seed, the importance of that was never explained. Again, you get the idea.

    Finally, a little technique goes a long way. Many of us are drawn to this cleanse because no special equipment is required. True, but knowing how to really use that blender helps TONS! Lots of folks complain about the lunch “green sludge”. Technique renders this into a much more smooth drink. Put leafy greens down into your blender first. Add the next most fibrous ingredient, cut into relatively small bits. Continue layering by hoe dense or tough you think an item is. DON’T ADD THE LIQUID YET. Start you blender by pulsing briefly, holding the pulse down for about 15 seconds, then pulsing & holding again. Not much will happen immediately. Have patience. Eventually, the ingredients will begin to liquify. If nothing seems to be happening, add a small amount of the liquid, pulse & hold again. Keep at it, adding only as much liquid as it takes to get things moving. Once the smoothie starts actually blending, hold off adding the remaining liquid until the mixture is as smooth as baby food. Then add the remaining liquid and blend to combine.

    Peel the cukes. Cucumber peels are very tough and bitter, and often coated with a waxy substance as a preservative to prolong shelf life. Juice the citrus! People are putting whole limes in these things! Although we are never told to juice the citrus, the peels and pith hold little nutritional value and are terribly tough and bitter. DON’T peel the apples, but do wash them and core them. If you have a coffee grinder, you can grind the flax seed yourself and save a bit of $$. Unless the fruits and vegetables you’re using are locally grown, canned or frozen fruits can be even more nutritious, and much cheaper. Fresh produce costs a small fortune to ship and handle, which is why it’s costly, especially out of season. Frozen and canned alternatives are processed very close to where they’re grown. The loss of nutrients is halted by the processing, whereas fresh fruits and veggies continue to lose nutrients until you finally consume the. Just be sure that the processed produce you are using contains no added sugars or chemicals. Many of them don’t: it’s just not needed.

    Final tip: listen to your taste buds. If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t do it. Too “green” tasting? Try a little less celery or kale. Too much to drink? Try smaller cukes. Blend, blend, BLEND! But break down the solids as much as possible before adding liquid.

    Sorry for the length – but I hope that helps a bit!!

    • Thanks Basia!!! Great information 🙂 Do you have any tips on the green tea? I am on day 1 and after drinking the green tea I felt extremely nauseous. I am not sure if it is the tea itself or the setvia ;/

    • Thank you! I need to do this because of my liver & gallbladder – I started today and can’t see how I could handle the 4 shakes- had 2 and looking forward to see what the dinner one taste like — I’m a big cuke fan but did not enjoy the lunch “shake”

    • Thank u basia for all your tips, cause i tried day 1 and i was` so sick , i was throughout on lunch did’nt finished lunch or dinner, so can i continue day 2?

  34. I just finished my dinner drink on the first day.. about to take my detox bath. The lunch drink is awful and way too much but it’s part of the plan to start feeling better 🙂 I’ve been experiencing a headache, spaciness and basically feel like I am coming down with a cold (the flu). I’m sure this will get better as the days go by, detox is like withdrawl from a drug… mine – food. Hang in there everyone, I’m just hoping I can stick it out for two more days.

  35. For the lunch drink, are u supposed to peel the cucumber? anyone wanna say if the did or not?

    • If your blender will crush up the peel, go ahead and leave it in. If not (or you don’t like the lunch shake much) you can peel it and reduce the amount of shake. I left my cucumber peel on and my blender crushed it up great!

  36. Looking forward to starting this tomorrow. but come Monday I will have to prepare ahead of time and take to work. Has anyone prepared ahead of time? What was the outcome?

    • Hey Rita,
      Just started my cleanse today. I went ahead and pre-made all of my drinks. I sealed/labeled them in ziplock bags and put them in the fridge. I hope they keep. I guess ill know sooner or later. Im only on my lunch drink and im having a time getting it down…but im determined so i will. I hope this helps.

    • Rita – I prepared the breakfast and lunch drinks the night before, put them in the fridge and just stirred them up before drinking them. It worked fine.

  37. Martha bannock | November 21, 2012 at 7:41 pm | Reply

    About to have my final shake of day 3. Have to say I have not enjoyed this very much but have stuck it out. I agree with some of the other posts re the lunch shake. It’s too thick and it takes me forever to finish, not to mention the unpleasant taste. I have also experienced light headedness, a headache and no energy! Had a very difficult time trying to do my usual workouts at the gym yesterday and the pool today.

  38. WOW!! I love all of the drinks, My problem is to figure out my favorite, I think it is between the lunch and dinner. The ingredients cost more than what was said on TV, I had to pay about $80.00. That doesn’t include the supplements. Another problem I have is when it comes time to eat. I don’t want to eat other foods. just the drinks.

  39. Where can I get the recipe for the detox?

  40. The lunch drink is very thick. I have been chopping up the celery in smaller pieces and blending half of the ingredients at a time; adding more as it blends. I have been blending a little longer than normal to make the consistency less thick. I also sip on it; so it takes me about an hour to finish it.

  41. i love the breakfast and lunch drinks. the dinner drink is nasty! i hate coconut water its so gross… what to do…

    • Don’t know what coconut water you’re drinking (or had) but a good coconut water is very pleasant tasting. Sometimes one can get a bad coconut IF you are cracking open a fresh young coconut, but it’s not too common. Vitacoco is a good brand and Zico isn’t too bad. Don’t buy “flavored”, as theses might be the ones you are referring to. They aren’t as good. But any plain will blend well in fruit/green smoothies (without affecting the flavor of your smoothie).

      It also might be that your pallet is simply not used to “healthy” foods since you’ve been eating junk for so long. You need to program your taste buds to enjoying”healthier” fare.

  42. O.k. So I did the lunch drink ingredients in stages and then blended it all together, but there is a lot of it and it is quite thick..I am finding it unpleasant. No way can I drink this whole thing!

    • I am also finding the lunch drink very unpleasant. I am not going to be able to drink the whole thing either. The lime does not taste very good and it is so thick. HELP!!! The other drinks taste great!!!

    • I’m with you Laura, it made a whole blender full ! Are we supposed to drink it all?
      It’s not my favorite, maybe my organic celery was too big ?
      All I taste is celery and Kale ??
      Does anyone know ?

    • Hi Laura, Crystal & Donna! I had the same experience on Day 1, then realized that a change in the way I used the blender would help immensely. Check out my post above for tips.

  43. I am having trouble blending such a large amount in my blender..Any suggestions?

    • Cut down on some of the raw vegies and fruit…especially the ones that take up lots of room like kale, spinach, etc. You’ll still get the nutrients without all the bulk. If the mix is too thick, just add some water.

  44. @Maggie, looking towards an all natural solution to your issues is a great place to start. Ridding your body of toxins is key to getting your symptoms under control and getting your body back on track. A 3 day program is just a start, ideally, you should look into at least a 21 day program to reap the most benefits from a detox.

  45. Dear Dr. Oz.

    i want to try your three day clense but i have hypothyroid problems. i have gone from a size seven to a fourteen in five years. I am afraid to eat and only eat when i am hungry. i have tried thyroid supplement from my doctors and they cause me headache, bloating, joint pain and no sex drive. I am married and my husband has to love me to stay with me through my misery.
    I am at a point where i will try almost anything to lose the belly fat.

    can i still do the three day clense?

    Thanks for your reply

    • I have the same exact problems as you! Size 6 to 12 in 1 year. Also pretty much stopped eating cause I’m so bloated i can’t even get dressed after I eat anything. NOTHING that’s prescribed works.

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