Amanda Davis, Fox 5 News Anchor, Charged in Wrong-Way Crash with DUI

Amanda Davis Mugshot

Early Sunday morning, Fox 5 News Anchor Amanda Davis was involved in a two-car accident. The crash happened, according to an Atlanta Police Department report, on Piedmont Avenue around 12:20 a.m. Davis was also arrested and charged with a DUI for reckless driving. Although the GA-based news broadcaster had refused to take a state-administered chemical tests or field sobriety tests, an officer present had enough evidence to arrest her.Amanda Davis Arrested for DUI

When a police officer arrived to the scene early Sunday, the news anchor’s green Fiat was facing northbound in the southbound lane of Piedmont Avenue. Ultimately, she ended up hitting a black Toyota Corolla that was driven by David Jarman, who was driving in the right direction in the southbound lane. The responding officer said that upon arriving, Davis reeked of alcohol. The officer asked if she had been drinking in which she responded, “yes.”

Davis refused to take any form of a sobriety test at the scene of the accident; however, law enforcement felt that they had enough reasonable cause to believe that Davis was driving under the influence of alcohol.

As a result, her Georgia driver’s license was immediately confiscated and Davis was transported to the Atlanta Jail and officially charged with DUI, failure to stay in a lane and reckless driving. Atlanta Channel 2 has said that Jarman was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital after he complained about having pain and injuries but was listed in stable condition. Fox 5 vice president wrote in a statement that, “We are aware of the situation and we are currently investigating.”

Amanda Davis is an Emmy award winning co-anchor at 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. She arrived to Fox 5 News in 1986 from WSB-TV, where she was a reporter and anchor. While at Fox 5 News, she has reported on a variety of issues and was an anchor of the noon news. She is also known for launching the highly-successful Good Day Atlanta in 1992 before finally taking over the main anchor chair in 1997.

Amanda has received numerous awards and honors that include multiple Emmys from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences; also, Best Newscast honors for anchoring Fox 5 News in 1999 and 2000. She has been recognized by the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists through receiving many awards, including Best Anchor in 2000.

Back in 1998, Davis was honored by receiving the prestigious Edward R. Murrow Award for her ongoing live broadcasting during the abortion clinic bombing in Atlanta. It was her on-air work during that tense time that also ended up with her being honored with a Gabby Award by the Georgia Association of Broadcasters.

Amanda Davis Fox 5 News Anchor Arrested

Amanda Davis Fox 5 arrested for DUI.

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  1. WOW, let he/her without sin cast the first stone. What she did wasn’t right and Im sure she is going to face consequences, thank God there was no loss of life. The best we can do as observers and fans of Ms. Davis is to pray for her, her family and the man she injured.
    God bless them both.

  2. Sad situation indeed. I pray her career is not over. I always say,when you get behind the wheel of a car, intoxicated, 2 things can happen,you arrive home safe or you kill someone. I truly hope she gets the obvious help she desperately needs. This is not a time to condemn and pass judgement, This Lady needs help! My best wishes for speedy recovery, goes out to all involved.

  3. Fox 5 should have this drunk (repeated violations) resign or fire her. Who wants a drunk as a role model for our kids. If they let her stay, they (Fox 5) are saying it is okay depending on your status to get numerous DUI’s…It will just get swept under the rug….NOT GOOD! She will do it again as she has shown…she continues to get away with it.

    • Stop judging and get off of the role model bandwaggon! You be the role model for your child. I am sick of hearing you people go on about role models. Are you a good role model for your child/children! That is what matters! Look at the man/woman in the mirror and then you can speak about role models!

  4. Mrs. Davis is not only a beautiful anchor, she is a great public servant through her Wednesday’s child program, this says alot about her character. Furthermore,
    We enjoy watching her on Fox 5
    and we look forward to her return. We love Amanda Davis!!!

  5. Amanda, I Love You!!! We need you back on fox 5. I watch you every day to see what you
    are wearing. You are the BEST ANCHOR EVER.

  6. Amanda Davis is beautiful and talented. She is one of the BEST in the business. I Love You,
    Amanda. I will watch fox 5 when she returns.

  7. Yall say this happened before like it was RECENT!!!! 1991 was a long time ago… But who gives a d*** anyway…. Was she anyone of you all’s mother cousin sister or friend…. Next subject!

  8. Hazel Millican | November 14, 2012 at 4:58 pm | Reply

    She should not be allowed to drive again, since this is her third dui, until she gets treatment.. She should get the same kind of sentence as anyone else. I pray for her and her family and that she will get the help she needs. Alcohol is just a crutch that people use to try to fix themselves. It doesn’t work.

  9. iam sorry to here of her problems how evere you report the news every night and here of the deadly stories i have never heard of so many times a person is allowed to drink and drive and NEVER loose there driving privilege i mean if you like everybody else does it once then shame on you if no one is HURT oR KILLED sure you pay a fine take dui class but since i moved to ga i have heard of so many pepole get upt to 13 duis then finaly they kill someone and now we want to bring up there very bad record we have to learn that no matter what we are our brothers keeper so stop someone take there keys tell the parking attendent call the police if you can but please think of the family ,child ,mom,dad, daughter husband ,girlfriend boyfriend that will have to here what you thought was funny or didnot even try to stop i dont see where loosing her job will help her but i do think she schould havce some hefty fines WELL over the $400.
    00 that was paid b/4 and driving probation of at least 3 years with no deaths and no serious injurys we have got to make multipul duis FELONY

  10. Hopefully this incident has brought rock bottom to Amanda Davis! Addiction and alcoholism does not discriminate.

  11. Amanda has had a stellar career. I am sure her employees will stick with her during her recovery phase.

  12. Veronica is so right with her “stupid lady” comment! For Amanda Davis to willingly put others in danger because she chose to drink and drive, again, is unacceptable. You heard the broadcast, it was not her first time being arrested for DUI so obviously she has not learned her lesson. Next time she could crashing into your car with your children in it. I hope they throw her under the jail before she kills someone.

  13. Brandy in Atlanta | November 13, 2012 at 3:18 pm | Reply

    @ Ken Woods.
    Amanda Davis is a DRUNK!! This is not the first time and wont be the last time she gets herself in a heap of trouble for her careless behavior! what if she would have killed someone?? Amanda Davis has been slapped on the hand for being drunk in publc and driving under the influence before… and apparently it did not a bit of good!!! Shes still getting ripped and driving!! SHE’S TO OLD FOR THIS AND NEEDS TO GO TO REHAB AFTER HER JAIL TIME HAS BEEN SERVED!!! STAT!!!

    She gives new meaning to the phrase DIRTY BIRD!!!!

    • every mortal ever born has some moral defect-(i.e) all of us. To criticly demean anothera who obviously carries clandestine pain, can,t overcome with public verbal abuse. Ifall of us were judged for our wrong choices, this earth would be void of humans. It,s all about love, spite of our failures. Please excuse the text errors.

  14. How many dui can you receive and still hold your job. Isn’t this at least two dui. NOT A GOOD ROLE MODEL.

  15. thank god nobody was killed. look up the statistics of how many people (black, white, asian, hispanic, etc) die from drunk driving. so defending yo sistah is cool, but tough love is also required. and by the way, what happened to Elmo? Ooops! another one bites the dust!

  16. Qyeka aka Becky | November 13, 2012 at 2:25 pm | Reply

    Poor Amanda? Please, this aint the first time. she did this back in ’91. I’m tired of OUR people getting to the top, giving advice to our kids, and crashing down csise of stupidity. that’s why we get treated the way we do by the Republicans cause of people like her. can we get a role model who goes to the grave unscaved? God help her.

    • Republicans are stupid KKK racist, so please do not use them as any standard of decency. They are hypocrites and gross. It doesn’t matter if a minority does nothings. Those dumb ignorant bigots will try to find something or look at nothing to make it something. That is why the KKKuplicians will not exist come 2021. They will be a minority. it will be so fun to see how they will feel being the minority in America. Oh how sweet it will be.

      Go Obama!

  17. First my prayers are with the gentleman that was injured in the accident. With respect to Ms. Davis I hope that you receive the help need. Facing whatever the issue (s) are with the support of your family and friends will assist in the healing process so that you can move on.

    Everyone has a testimony make this one yours so that you can help others.


  18. My prayers are with her and her family. But everybody does things we are all human. You cant look down on one when everybody does something, I LOVE YOU AMANDA

  19. stupid lady

  20. Alisha Strickland | November 13, 2012 at 12:38 pm | Reply

    I feel that all of us have made some mistakes that will hunt us for a long time! This is one of those situations that a lesson is learned immediately! My thoughts and prayers are with the gentleman invovled in the accident and also with Mrs. Davis as well.

  21. I’ve never met Mrs. Davis, but i perceive her to not only be an attractive, intelligent person, but also careing and deeply compassionate toward others. I choose to believe that her employer and associates are seriously concerned about her troubles and that they along with with others, Will continue to love and support her until she is completely recovered.

    • i guess those commenting above did not know this has happened at least once before… lucky she has not killed someone… should not be given her license back… d.

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