Indianapolis House Explosion Videos & Pictures, 2 Dead

Indianapolis Explosion Pictures
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A house explosion in a neighborhood in Indianapolis, Indiana has damaged dozens of homes and completely destroyed at least two. As residents are allowed to return to their homes and authorities try to investigate what happened pictures and videos are being released. Neighbors that were close to the explosion and felt it’s effects rushed to the scene and snapped photos & actual video of the explosion site.

It’s reported that the powerful extent of the explosion damaged houses as far as two blocks in every direction around the source. The Associated Press stated, “City and fire officials said Sunday afternoon that about two dozen homes were uninhabitable and would have to be torn down.” When you see pictures of the damage you can see just how powerful the gas explosion was.

One family that was around a block away said they felt the powerful explosion rock their house. They ran down to check on their kids who were screaming and covering their ears. Upon further investigation one whole side of the house had all of the windows completely blown out. The Huffington Post got a comment from the young son staying at the house named Eric McClellan saying, “Somebody was trapped inside one of the houses, and the firefighters were trying to get to him. I don’t know if he survived.” Eric didn’t get to stay around long as firefighters told him he had to leave the scene.

No residents had called in reporting the smell of gas which leaves everyone scatching their heads as to how the explosion was so big without a major leak. Once again social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube have been a major source of footage of the disaster site in Indianapolis. We were able to find one video that was using a security CCTV camera that captured the sound of the explosion as soon as it hit in Indianapolis, IN. If you see some explosion pictures from the Indianapolis house explosion you think should be here, let us know and we’ll try to get them added.

Listed below are videos and pictures sourced from all social media sites:

Indianapolis House Explosion – Indiana Neighborhood Home Explodes on Fire LIVE FOOTAGE

Sound of Indianapolis Explosion

Southside Indianapolis Explosion Helicopter Footage

ABC News – Indianapolis Neighborhood Devastated by Explosion

Indianapolis Trees and House After Explosion

Source: WishTV

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