Wal-Mart Black Friday 2012 Sale At 8pm On Thanksgiving Day

Walmart Black Friday Start Time

It’s almost that time of year again when millions of Americans will sit down at a dinner table to indulge in delicious food, and be thankful for the things they have in life. Every family has different traditions for Thanksgiving, but most mainly deals with tons of food, football, and games.

Another tradition that may be more based on the individual is the annual Black Friday sales that give people the chance to grab a few discounted items for a limited time. Some of the biggest Black Friday sales come from companies such as Target, Best Buy, and Macy’s, but the one store that has the most anticipation yet again is Wal-Mart, which made headlines regarding their Black Friday sales.

The company announced today that the store will have its earliest black Friday start ever as it will start at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Having the 8 p.m. opening has it’s positives and negatives of course, it’s good that its early so people can actually get home and to bed at a reasonable time, rather than having to go to the store at midnight or later. On the other hand having this early time means that some of the Wal-Mart employees that will be working Thanksgiving probably will not get to spend as much time as they want with their love ones.

The company will have three different times in which you can shop for discounted items, and each time looks to be loaded with some great deals. The following is the list of times and items that Wal-Mart will have on discount.  At 8 pm Thanksgiving Day if you are looking for a gaming console you can get the Nintendo Wii for $89 and an Xbox 360 4GB bundle for $149. You can also stock on selected video games marked at $10, 15, and 25 each. If you’re in a need of new Kitchen appliances or want to get one as a gift, you can get a 12-cup coffee maker and 6-quart Crock Pot for $9.99 each. When it comes to DVD and Blu-ray movies there will be a lot to choose from including Hunger Games, and The Amazing Spider man, the prices will range from $1.96-$9.96.

The same night the company will have a special “Electronic Event” from 10 p.m. – 11 p.m. in which you can purchase popular gadgets such as LG Blu-Ray player for $38. Along with this you can 32 inch Emerson LCD TV for $148 and a 16 GB iPad 2 with Wi-Fi for $399 and you get a $75 Wal-Mart gift card with your iPad purchase. Music lovers who want the best quality audio can get a pair of the hottest headphone in the market the Beats by Dre, they are usually $299, but you can get a pair for $179. Fans of tablets will be happy to see an 8 GB color nook on sale for $99.

The final time for the sales will be at 5 a.m. the next day which will feature items such as Acer 13.3 Ultra book with 4GB and 320GB for $499. For relaxation people may look at a Better Homes and Gardens Deluxe Recliner for $199.

So as the time gets closer and closer will you be participating in Black Friday sales from various stores?

7 Comments on "Wal-Mart Black Friday 2012 Sale At 8pm On Thanksgiving Day"

  1. Hospital nurses generally can not ask off for a holiday. There are rotations and requirements. For instance, I work TG this year and XMas the next. You might be able to trade a holiday, but you’ll be working a nice, long 12 hour shift on some major holiday for sure.

    Besides, who cares? Movie theaters are routinely open because people are BORED after all the festivities.

  2. Why is it so bad that families that have financial issues get to grab at some good deals? I sit down with my family and I’m thankful for everything but just cause I’m buying gifts for my family that I wouldn’t beable to get otherwise means that I’m trampoling on the family holiday? WRONG! You may have money that’s blowing out your rear end but that’s not the case for me and my family. Maybe you should take a second thought before you open your mouth and spit out words that are false. People celebrate holidays in their own way. Have some respect.

  3. So much for family values- I wont be buying from walmart this season.

  4. this is so wrong Thursday is for thanksgiving and Family not greedy corporates gaining extra money for the suits in the boardroom . so sad that America is even trampling on its traditional holidays for the lore of capitalist greed.

    • Agreed. Although Thanksgiving is not celebrated where I now live, they would never dream about doing something like this on their family holidays. I guess the almighty dollar is once again king.

    • Seriously Folks???? As an employee for Wal-Mart I am excited about the new hours!!! I wouldn’t want to see it be too much earlier, but 8pm is great!! Do you people really think that we employ the man power overnight to handle such an event. What shift do you think 90% of the employees you see work????? Do you raise such a fit about the doctors and nurses that you see in a hospital working on thanksgiving or christmas for that matter? Yes the Walton family gets the money, so what. What about the gas stations that are open all year round. Wal-Mart is not the only business out there making money, but I don’t see any of ya’ll complaining about that. Oh wait is it because everyone is so last minute these days and they expect everyone to be open to serve their needs. Do you and your families already have everything they need for your dinners or will you be one of the ones in Wal-Mart shopping because you forgot those last minute details, and we are the only grocery store open to serve your needs? We wouldn’t be open if there wasn’t a need to be open! If you aren’t one of the ones making the sacrifice for “family time” then what right do you have to whine, unless you are just whining to whine.

    • Jennifer,

      Gas employees and nurses/doctors can request time off for Thanksgiving. However, I read that employees at Wal Mart and Target don’t have a choice; every employee must work. Wal Mart/Target employees work for minimum wage and only get a few holidays off a year to travel and see loved ones. And they’re taking away one of them? What’s next, are they going to start the day for returns (December 26th) at 8pm on Christmas?

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