Kentucky Earthquake Registers at 4.3 Magnitude, Felt in Knoxville, TN

Kentucky Earthquake 11/10/12

An earthquake in Kentucky was strong enough to be felt all the way in Knoxville, Tennessee. The earthquake was 8 miles West of Whitesburg, KY. What was rare about today’s earthquake is the frequency in Kentucky isn’t very often. In fact according to WKYT the last quake in KY was in Bath County in 1980 registering at 5.1 magnitude.

People from all over felt todays quake chatting about it on Twitter, Facebook and commenting on websites revealing it. States like West Virginia, Tennessee, Virginia, Ohio and obviously Kentucky felt the trembling shakes.

A lot of talk in Knoxville, Tenneesse was going on about the 4.3 magnitude trembler. One person tweeted from @KnoxvillePains, “Counting myself blessed for surviving the Great Knox Earthquake. 11/10/12. #NeverForget”  Another person from @NathanMJohnston tweeted, “An earthquake just shook my living room in Knoxville!?!?!?! 2.0 on the Richter Scale. How is that possible?”


Other people were posting comments around the web explaining what it was like to experience the shaking in their house. Rebecca Mallott commented, “Dishes were rattled and pictures moved the walls shaking. I live in Mt. Sterling, KY.” Another comment under the name Liz stated, “I felt the rumbling in my kitchen and things were rattling, and my dogs went nuts! We live in the mountains at Red River Gorge.” If you’re wondering how long the quake lasted some reports say it was around 15 – 20 seconds long. A comment from someone calling themselves Lexington, KY Guy said, “We felt it here in Lexington, shook for about 15-20 sec. Rattled windows pretty good.” A person named Dave that used to live in Southern California commented on his experience of the quake too, “felt it really well near I-75 exit 97. Former resident of SoCal, knew it was a quake due to duration (as opposed to explosives). It was my wife’s first quake, she was pretty excited. Took a long time to verify it was a quake online or by watching local news, like 20 minutes.”

Some people on Twitter were reporting aftershocks which were confirmed by the USGS. The official time the 4.3 magnitude quake hit was November 10th, 2012 at 17:08:14 and the aftershock hit with a magnitude 2.5 at 18:37:07. If there are any more updates on the KY Earthquake we’ll update here with new aftershocks or surrounding quakes near the coal mining area.

4.3 Earthquake Strikes Kentucky 11/10/12 Video

5 Comments on "Kentucky Earthquake Registers at 4.3 Magnitude, Felt in Knoxville, TN"

  1. Felt in Lewis county tn

  2. I was in my truck sitting in front of my home in Johnson County, KY West Van Lear. I felt my truck and trailer lunging back and forth, I thought some one was behind me pulling a prank, by pushing on my trailer. I got out of my tuck to see who was back there and obvious, no one. Shortly after, my wife sent me a message from her phone telling me it was a quake. She just happened to be in Whitesburgh visiting her father at the Whitesburg hospital. She said the quake was pretty, pardon the pun, moving!

  3. I’m confused. According to this, in military time it happened 1708 which is the late afternoon. I felt the earthquake before noon. It shook my house slightly for about 3 seconds. I know the time because the mail man had just dropped off a package and when it hit I checked it as I went outside.
    I’m located middle Tennessee near Jamestown.
    So it thought it was weird nobody reported the earthquake until later. Very confusing. is it possible the earthquake I felt somehow did not get detected? Because I’m not 99, but 100% positive mine hit before noon, and this is showing 1708 which is 5:08pm.

  4. Dr. Bill Stone | November 10, 2012 at 8:30 pm | Reply

    Felt this is Johnson City, TN (Far-eastern Tennessee).

  5. I felt it in harrison, tn (just east of Chattanooga).

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