Fake Dentist Alert: Esteban Campos Pleads Guilty and Gets 5 years Probation

Fake Dentist in California

Esteban Campos, 47-years old, has been sent to jail for 30-days and on probation for five years due to illegally practicing dentistry at Steven’s Dental Lab on Western Avenue in Buena Park, CA. He also possessed dental drugs and collected more than $6,600 in food stamp benefits in 2010 because he didn’t report his dental income.

The Buena Park man has pleaded guilty to one felony count each of the possession for distribution of a controlled substance, obtaining public benefit aid by misrepresentation over $400, and one misdemeanor count of practicing dentistry without a valid license, according to prosecutors.  A conviction without the guilty plea could have had Campos going in state prison for up to eight years.

The D.A.’s office also said in a news release, that he was ordered to pay restitution, $500 in fines, and is prohibited from offering dental treatments, consultations, or otherwise practicing dentistry during probation.

Esteban Campos was registered as a dental assistant, but his license expired in 2007. It’s not that his license was expired that was the main concern, it was the fact that he represented himself as a licensed dentist to his patients. He performed dental exams, gave diagnoses, recommended oral surgery and braces, and quoted prices from $65 to $2,000, depending on the procedure, according to prosecutors.

During a search after the Department of Consumer Affairs Dental Board of California received a complaint about him, law enforcement officials found dental narcotics including morphine sulfer, Vicodin and Soma, as well as boxes of omeprazole, naproxen, theramine, glucotrol, warfarin, sertraline, cyclobenzaprine, tramadol, ketogel cream, and lidocaine, which prosecutors say the defendant administered to patients without a license or a prescription.

Visiting a fake dentist can lead to serious dental issues. Before you even see a doctor, you should survey your surroundings. If the clinic looks temporary and has no staff besides the doctor, this is should be a red flag to you. If there is no office or the office does not look legitimate, you should not follow through with your appointment.  If you are still unsure whether you are visiting a fake dentist or not, check with the state’s medical board to find out if the doctor is licensed.  Every practicing doctor and dentist is required to have a license.

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