Voter Turnout in 2012 Revealed in Real Time On Facebook

Real Time Vote Results

A very interesting view of the public voting for Obama or Romney has been done at This year Facebook has provided a real-time interactive map that shows votes coming in live as people click on, “I voted” links in the website. As soon as that happens people can share their feelings about voting to their Facebook stream.

What gets really interesting is going to the Facebook Stories Vote page and watching the nation vote in real time. Facebook’s explanation of this high-tech voting results map explains it like this,

“This map is a representation of people on Facebook who clicked an Election Day prompt to share with their friends that they’re voting in the 2012 US election. The information displayed on Facebook Stories has been anonymized and aggregated.

The map displays bursts of activity as people share that they’re voting. The size of each burst matches the number of people voting in that region right now. The histogram shows a record of activity over time, with an additional breakdown by gender and age.”

When we took a look at the map the total numbers Facebook was counting was sitting at around 7,405,000 and rolling up pretty fast. America Votes 2012 shows a way to compile social data in real time and give a better insight on a wide level and a detailed level. If you want to see people saying I voted in your specific state you can just click your state in the Facebook America Votes 2012 Interactive Map.

In addition to real time voting data you can see voting trends over time like votes per hour by region. You can see Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Alaska and Hawaii voter time trends in a well laid out graph. In addition you can get overall numbers of how many males to females have voted.

The females are winning the Facebook real time voting contest tonight as we are writing this. At this moment the men are at 2,465,000 compared to 4,858,000. That gives women an extremely large lead which just shows us that more women are willing to provide a public declaration on Facebook that they have voted. Final data will come out tonight from actual polls to let us know if more women have voted than men.

More interesting data is the age demographic of voters tonight on Facebook. The ages are broken down in groups from 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54 and 55+. Currently the 18-24 group has 29% of the total votes, 25-34 has 31% of the total votes, 35-44 has 19% of the total votes, 45-54 has 11% of the total votes and 55+ only shows 8% of the total votes. What these age demographic voting numbers really show us is the demographic socialness of the Facebook membership.

What do you think about the new Facebook real time voting map?

Facebook Shows How Nation is Voting in Real Time

To encourage voter participation, Facebook has launched an app that shows up at the top of the newsfeed. This app asks a user if they’ve voted yet and displays friends who have voted. It also shows real-time voting, state-by-state.

Watch America Vote 2012 In Real Time!

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