Presidential Candidates Use Social Media and Mobile Apps to Reach Voters

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When it comes to your cell phone and voting, what do they have in common? With our cell phones being our lifelines, it’s no surprise that 88% of registered voters own some kind of cell phone and roughly half of those registered voters own a smartphone.

Not only do these voters own cell phones, it’s oddly split up between parties and smartphone services that are used. Of the most active states that vote Republican, 70% of users have an Android phone and of the most active states that vote Democrat, 70% of voters use an iPhone.

So what do most people do with their smartphones when it comes to the election? Nineteen percent have sent texts related to the campaign, 5% have signed up to receive text messages directly from a candidate’s campaign, and 5% have received unwanted election related text messages that they did not sign up to receive. And out of all registered voters with a cell phone, 74% use text messaging.

We all know it’s a social networking world out there now, and of the total US mobile audience, 35% access social networks on their phone. There were about 18% of people posting comments about a candidate’s campaign on their social networking site. Facebook even has an app for users to use where they can show their friends whom they intend to vote for and which political issues are most important to them.

As of October 16, 2012, 151,978 of monthly users have pledged to vote. Per the CNN politics “I’m Voting” app users, 53% are voting democrat, 24% are voting republican and the remaining 23% are voting independent. And when it comes to searches based on the election, Obama has 41% of searches while Romney has 38%.

So, which candidate has taken over your phone and votes? The Obama campaign is posting four times as much social content and is active on twice as many social platforms. Not to mention, the Obama campaign averages 5.5 tweets per day and Romney only averages around 1 tweet a day. One third of Romney’s Twitter and Facebook posts were about Obama while only one sixth of Obama’s Twitter and Facebook posts were about Romney. When it comes to the U.S. Internet users, 64% say Obama is more adept at social media and online persuasion.

When it all boils down to social networking and the Internet, on October 3rd, for every 100 Obama mobile searches there were only 57 for Romney. However, just one day later for every 100 Obama searches there were 97 Romney searches. So, what will your next political search turn up?

Obama vs Romney Mobile [Infographic]
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