Election Results & Voting Updates [9 Live Video Streams]

Live Streaming Election Coverage

If you thought that you had to be glued to your TV to get updated information on the election results, surprise you don’t. As long as you have an Internet connection you should be able to access high quality & premium Live video streams of the election coverage, results, voting numbers and exit poll results. We were actually shocked to see how easy it was to access.

We’ll be providing an updated list all night of all live election video streams from YouTube, UStream and other places like Fox News, CNN & more that share embeddable live video of election coverage. If you find a stream that isn’t available here please leave a comment with a link so that people can access it.

For now there are 9 Live Election Coverage streams on YouTube in their YouTube Politics section. The live streams are YouTube Spotlight, Al Jazeera, Larry King ORA ’12, BuzzFeed, Univision, The New York Times, WSJ Live, ABC News and Philip Defranco.

YouTube Spotlight seems to pick the most popular live streaming election coverage and results. At this exact moment it is streaming the ABC News Election Night Coverage.

Al Jazeera English Live Stream is coverage that is traveling around the country providing results, exit polls of voters and more. With this stream we saw 3,358 people watching the Aljazeera Election Coverage.

Larry King ORA’12 is provided by the Ora TV Network and is describes on YouTube as, “Join Larry King & special guests for live 2012 election coverage.” We saw a round table coverage of results with interviews and debates on the Larry King Election coverage. The hashtag for this livestream is #Ora2012.

The New York Times has a live streaming channel that they’re calling, “2012 Election Night Coverage and Results from The New York Times Newsroom November 6th.” This channel provides information from the NYT Newsroom.

We’ll list all available streams & live election video below so that you can watch them just by clicking on them. There’s no need for Cable TV or Satellite this year with live streaming election coverage from around the world!

Updated List of Live Election Video Streams

YouTube Spotlight – goes over each stream throughout the night.

Al Jazeera

Larry King ORA ’12 – 2012 Election Night Commentary With Larry King | Ora 2012 With Larry King

Univision – Día de Elecciones 2012

The New York Times

WSJ Live – WSJ Live’s Primetime Election Night Coverage

ABC News

Philip Defranco

UStream – PBS Newshour Live Stream

UStream – CBS News Live Election Coverage

UStream – Los Angeles Times Election 2012 Live Coverage

UStream – Behind the scenes Washington Post Election Workers & Coverage

UStream – Chicago Tribune Live Election Coverage

UStream – Freedom Works Live Election Coverage (in office behind the scenes)

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  1. The election so far is fairly similar to what we saw in the 2000 election. Especially since Romney is leading the popular vote and Obama is leading the Electoral vote. Of course in 2000 it was the Democrats (Gore) that won the Popular vote, but lost the Electoral vote to the Republicans (Bush) via the infamous “hanging chads” in Florida.

    If anyone is curious on how the states/counties voted in the 2000 Presidential Election here is a link to the electoral map from that election This site also has a lot of other quality information from the 2000 election as well.


    Hope you find it helpful!

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