Gas Shortage in NY & NJ: Find Gas with These Tools

Find Gas in NY & NJ with these tools

One of the problems taking over New York City and New Jersey that isn’t getting as much attention on the new is the absolute shortage of gasoline. Gas stations have completely sold out of gas in the chaos or they don’t have the electricity to pump the gas that they do have.

One of the first issues into getting new gas into NY & NJ was the Ports not being open yet to take in barges. Senator Charles Schumer pushed the U.S. Coast Guard to expedite their official review of the Port of New York’s infrastructure and get the port open for business. On November 1st, 2012 an official press release by Schumer’s office was put out announcing that gas supply issues had been solved.

Now the issue with gas all around New York and New Jersey is finding a gas station that has been supplied, has electricity and has enough to guarantee that waiting in line is worth it. We’ve done some digging and have tried to make the search for gas easier with a list of tools and tricks to find gas in NYC & NJ.

The biggest help that you’re going to find is having a Twitter account or at least being able to get on the Internet and use Twitter’s search engine. There are specific Twitter accounts you can follow for your area but there are also hashtags you can follow to keep up with live updates on gas supplies.

In addition to the tools we’ll list, Hess Express has released inventory levels and the addresses of the HESS Express gas stations that have capacity on the East Coast in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virgina. You can visit this link for Hess stores and their inventory levels, addresses & update times. If for some reason the Hess website is down or accessible we are providing a backup PDF copy of the inventory levels for you here.

Download Twitter, Seesmic / Hootsuite or TweetDeck on your Smart phone and start searching Twitter using hashtags for available gas like: #NYCGas, #NJGas, #NJOpen. Clicking the link to the left will search for all three hashtags at once.

Hashtags to search for: #NYCGas, #NJGas, #NJOpen

We are adding new verified accounts releasing good information on gas that is available during the gas shortage in New York and New Jersey to a Twitter list. That way you can follow just one account and read tweets from all the accounts at once. To subscribe to the list and watch it visit here.

Gas Shortage Twitter List

There are also a number of websites trying to update lists of new gas stations opening with gas inventory available  One site is the New York Taxi Workers Alliance updating a list for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and other areas. You can access the NYTWA Gas available list here. Another list of gas locations is being mapped in real time on a service called Just Map It. This service has a live map that shows the inventory levels but it doesn’t have the best updates, so we’d check other tools above first.

Embedded Twitter Hashtag Search for #NYCGas

Embedded Twitter Hashtag Search for #NJGas

Embedded Twitter Hashtag Search for #NJOpen

Live Video feed of a gas shortage line in Brooklyn, NY

Free live streaming by Ustream

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