Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier Guards Stand Still, Even During Rains from Hurricane Sandy

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Hurricane Sandy

Have you ever heard of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier here in the United States? To be honest up until this year I actually did not know what or where it was, but a captivating photo swirling around the Internet brought it to light for me.

There are two photos one of which was taken last month picturing three soldiers standing guard in front of the tomb in pouring rain. The other photo is the same but taken yesterday in the hours leading up to when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast. Many people are saying that the photos show the true honor, courage, and commitment of the United States Military that these Sentinels are displaying.

So what exactly is the Tomb of the Unknowns? It is a Tomb located in the Arlington National cemetery in Arlington, VA that contains the remains of unknown American Soldiers from World War I, II, The Korean Conflict, and up until 1998 the Vietnam War according to Arlington Cemetery.

It is interesting that each of the soldiers received the Medal of Honor for their bravery and outstanding work in combat. The tomb is by far one of the most popular tourist sites in Virginia and it is guarded every day of the year in any kind of weather, 24-hours a day by men of the 3rd United States Infantry known as “The Old Guard”. It has been this way since 1948 and has gained much respect around the nation, and has captured American hearts during the dangerous times of Hurricane sandy.

“The Old Guard has guarded the tomb every minute of every day since April 6, 1948 today and the rest of the week will be no exception,” The Units official posting on its Facebook site.

This is not the first time these dedicated men have stood guard in the midst of some nasty weather. They stood their ground and remained at their post during Hurricanes Isabel and Irene, as well as the horrible Blizzard in 2010 that actually made Washington D.C. shut down according to ABC News. Some people have been concerned that because these brave men guard the tomb in any weather that they are putting themselves at risk to get injured.

However, the Society of The Old Guard mentions on their website that despite the soldier’s commitment, the safety of the soldiers is their number one priority. The society also mentioned they never put them at risk of possible injury or life threatening cases.

The Tomb of the Unknowns may not be well-known for people outside of the east coast, but one thing is for sure, those military men guarding the Tomb have the up most respect from millions of Americans especially now.

Hurricane Sandy, Soliders Stand Guard at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Hurricane Sandy is forcing evacuations across the East Coast, but take a look at this Soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Regiment are standing guard at Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier.

Fake Hurricane Sandy Pictures: Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier Guards

The soaking wet soldiers were photographed guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier back on a rainy day in September.

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