Halloween Food Ideas For The Ghoulish, Creative & Rushed

Happy Halloween 2012

If there’s one thing that makes a good party or gathering it’s the food involved. Halloween is no different and with new social networks like Pinterest, amazing recipes & food ideas are spreading across the Internet like wildfire. We want to provide you a cheat sheet & list of Halloween party food ideas that will make any kids, family or friends ready to scream for delight!

We’ll list two ideas each for the Ghoulish, Creative & Rushed. If you’re going to go Ghoulish you’ll want to scare the pants off your neighbors or make your kids cringe. If you’re going to go creative you want it to be cute and might have a bit more time for the design. If you’re rushed, then we’ll give you quick ideas with a big bang for your time.

Top 2 Ghoulish Halloween Food Ideas:

Tapeworm Sandwiches

Tapeworm Hot Dog SandwichesSource: Coffee Break with Liz and Kate

This idea comes from a blog called Liz and Kate and will scare the kids by letting them eat tapeworm sandwiches that are really just well sliced hot dogs. It will be tasty and could even go in the quick & rushed category too. For full instructions on how to make these visit the tutorial at Coffee Break with Liz and Kate.

Halloween Intestine Snack

Halloween Intestines for a snack
Source: PBS

This crazy idea looks disgusting and can really give your kids a scare. You just use frozen puff pastry and get squirting with food coloring to give a bloody appearance on the intestine look. You can get the recipe for the one above from PBS or you can get even more crazy with one that has complete innards. The next one is a little more involved and called stuffed intestines for the really Ghoulish feel.


Top 2 Creative Halloween Food Ideas:

Skeleton Cupcakes

Halloween Skeleton Cupcakes
Source: MyRecipes.com

There’s nothing cuter and more creative than a little themed cupcake that looks like a skeleton, right? Well these cupcakes are perfect for the visual side and also will take absolutely delicious. The breakdown and recipe tutorial is fairly straight forward to follow over at MyRecipes.com.

Wicked Witch Cupcakes

Halloween Wicked Witch Cupcakes
Source: Martha Stuart

We might as well stick with the cupcake theme and who else better than to look to Martha Stewart for that expert creative appeal. These cupcakes have the Halloween detail & decoration that you’ll love to put some work into. The entire recipe and tutorial isn’t really that complicated and you’ll be proud to have your kids share these at school or at your Halloween party. You can get the full details at Martha Stuart’s Wicked Witch Cupcakes recipe here.


Top 2 Rushed Halloween Food Ideas:

Witches Hats & Pumpkin Hats

Halloween Witches Hats & Pumpkin Hats
Source: Penny’s Food Blog

You don’t need much time to “create” this creation and it’s a classic, I completely remember my mom making these witches hats. You need some Peanut Butter Cookie Mix and some Hershey Kisses and you’re good to go. The other candy pumpkins you can grab under any brand and use those too for the extra Halloween touch. A quick breakdown on how to make these is at Penny’s Food Blog where she makes it quick and simple for your rushed Halloween food party.

Mummy Dogs

Halloween Mummy Smokies Dog
Source: Hillshire Farms

We found this one at Hillshire Farm using their “Lit’l Smokes®” line of mini hot dogs. You can pick whatever dog you want but we think this small tasty combo makes it quick, cute and really good. You’ll need the smokies, 1 can of crescent rolls and you’re good to go. To add the faces you’ll want some mustard and ketchup! You can get the exact recipe and how to make them at Hillshire’s Mummy Dogs page.

We hope all those helped you to have either a Ghoulish, creative or quick Halloween Food party. Enough ideas to at least get the wheels spinning for what you have on hand in the house. If you have any other ideas or creative recipes for Halloween, share below.

Happy Halloween from Z6Mag!

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