Best Halloween Costume Ideas For 2012 – High-Tech, Sexy, Political, Cheap & More

Happy Halloween 2012Halloween can be one of the funnest things you can do all year, but at the same time it can be quite stressful trying to figure out Halloween costume ideas. Whether you’re going to a party, out on the town, to a bar or maybe even a sporting event you want to have a winning Halloween costume idea.

We’ve pretty much decided there are main categories of interest for Halloween costume plans and we’ve put them into sections below and given 5 ideas for each section.


But before we dig into the specific costumes we’ll cover the National Retail Federations survey results for the Top Costumes in 2012 by category.

Let us know if you think we left out a costume idea and leave it in the comments.

National Retail Foundations Top Costumes for kids, adults and pets in 2012.

The infographic is below.

The NRF survey found that while people are going out to stores like Halloween Express, Spirit and Wal-Mart to get their costumes it’s becoming increasingly popular to use sites like Pinterest and Facebook. If you are up in arms, jump on Pinterest and start sorting with costume keywords to get ideas of really good costumes with directions on how to make them. Or do what we do, we just use Google Images for the quickest experience and click-through to the website for directions and DIY tricks.

  • 1. For Kids – Princess
  • 1. For Adults – Witch
  • 1. For Pets – Pumpkin
  • 2. For Kids – Batman
  • 2. For Adults – Vampire
  • 2. For Pets – Devil
  • 3. For Kids – Spider-Man
  • 3. For Adults – Pirate
  • 3. For Pets – Hot Dog
  • 4. For Kids – Witch
  • 4. For Adults – Batman Character
  • 4. For Pets – (Dog) in Cat costume
  • 5. For Kids – Disney Princess
  • 5. For Adults – Zombie
  • 5. For Pets – Bee
  • 6. For Kids – Superhero
  • 6. For Adults – Vixen
  • 6. For Pets – Dog Ghost
  • 7. For Kids – Pirate
  • 7. For Adults – Princess
  • 7. For Pets – Super Hero
  • 8. For Kids – Vampire
  • 8. For Adults – Nurse / Ghost (tied up)
  • 8. For Pets – Witch
  • 9. For Kids – Zombie
  • 9. For Adults – Cat
  • 9. For Pets – Bow Ties
  • 10. For Kids – Ghost
  • 10. For Adults – Superman
  • 10. For Pets – Superman

The other section that the National Retail Federation got from their consumer survey was that the following are cultural favorites for 2012: Super Marios Brothers, Political Costumes, Action Heroes, Avengers Characters, Athletes and Star Wars characters.

Popular Halloween Costumes for 2012
Source: NRF Retail Costume Survey

Okay, so now we’re going to dig and give you costumes by category from scouring the web and finding the best of the best. Find the costume idea category that you want to go as and get your Top 5.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

1. Cheap Instragram Costume – It’s culturally significant and you’ll look brilliant wearing something that some of the coolest people around are using daily. There are different variations of this costume as either an Instagram picture or the logo itself with most being homemade Halloween costumes. One of the easiest and best we found was in the Houston Press that showed a cut out piece of white card stock paper with a square hole cut out in the center, plastic layer glued down with black spray paint to make it look like a filter. The Instagram logo was printed out and put in the right hand corner. We also found a Glamour Magazine example, a DIY Tutorial Kids Instagram costume breakdown at See Kate Sew and an expensive version of the Instagram costume at Gizmodo with a working camera.

50 Shades of Grey Costume2. Cheap Fifty Shades of Grey Costume – There are a lot of different ways you can put the idea of the most popular book right now on your body. We’ll give you a list of some that are all DIY, cheap things you can buy for a 50 Shades of Grey costume and instructions. One of the best DIY Shades of Grey tutorials we found was at showing how to paint 50 square shades of grey on a long sleeve t-shirt and name them funny names. It takes a few bottles of acrylic paint, some bowls for mixing and your imagination. For $20 you can buy a “50 SHADES OF GRAY” Men or Ladies t-shirt off Amazon. Using a home improvement store for free shades of grey, a pair of thrift store grey pants and some needle and thread you can have a pretty sexy skirt that has 50 shades of grey hanging off it like a museum from Lauren Conrad’s DIY 50 Shades of Grey.

3. Cheap Leftovers Costume – So you have some dirty dishes and some extra plastics wrap and foil around the house? You can go to your Halloween party as leftovers. Just wrap yourself up in plastic wrap and different sections in foil and then attach with tape, glue and string to your body all of your food containers from all angles. There you go, you’re leftovers. As Chicago Now puts it, you can fancy up this costume by labeling the containers with the type of  food that is in each. If you really want to go over the top find things that look like human parts, eyeballs and other ghoulish delights in containers. Label your left over food containers brains, fingers, kidneys and more. This is another great option for the person that wants to do a homemade costume at home with cheap stuff laying around.

Static Clean Costume

Source: Planet Dan

4. Static Clean or Dirty Laundry Costume – You choose which one you want to be but the costume essentially takes laundry. You can pin socks and undergarments to your clothes. To really add a touch add a dryer sheet to a few of your locations to really get the point across. If you want to get all the variety of your laundry in there you can put all types of laundry all of your body and then you’re just a pile of dirty laundry.

Certainly the static clean costume isn’ t the best looking costume out there but it is really cheap since you don’t have to buy anything because everyone has dirty laundry, socks and dryer sheets. If you’re going for a cheap costume, this one won’t even touch the bank account!

5. Wrong Holiday Costume – What better way to celebrate Halloween with a costume that completely embodies an entirely different Holiday. If you have an ugly Christmas sweater, a bunch of St. Patrick’s Day green clothes, Valentines day heart decorations, Easter & Bunny rabbit collections or Flags, fireworks and hot dogs for Fourth of July. Whatever “other” Holiday decorations you have around the house you can pile those on your body and be the “Wrong Holiday” costume guy.

Political Halloween Costumes

This year is the Presidential Election year and that brings massive appeal to people dressing up as Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. Just get a mask and add a suit. If you really want to spice it up, get a binder full of women or something to represent Obama. Unscientific calculations like Jay Leno on Monday night said that Obama Halloween Masks are outselling Romney masks by 30%. His follow up to that was, “Well, that makes sense. I mean, what’s scarier than four more years of this economy?” Other places however, like Screamers Costumes interviewed by Detroit News says Romney is more popular.  Spirit Halloween’s Senior Director of Marketing has been giving out stats to news agencies since last week. The latest quote we saw was also in the Detroit News where she said, “Obama is in the lead with 63 percent versus Romney at 37 percent.” Spirit Halloween has claimed that their top seller has predicted the president since 1996. Here is a look at what some of those Political Halloween masks look like below, including Michelle Obama:

2012 Political Halloween Masks

Video of Jay Leno Talking about Obama Masks Selling 30% more

Overweight Guy Halloween Costumes

Now normally we wouldn’t really cover a costume like this but we saw a need. A guy posted on the popular social site, Reddit, “I’m a big guy and I don’t know what to wear for a Halloween Party. What’s a good costume for fat guys?” So in honor of this guy being so brave, here are some ideas he was given that seem to be the most popular. We’ll pick our top 5 out of the list but you can visit the  post and see all the ideas if you want!

1. Fat Guy Movie Themed Costumes –  The comment post that is winning out of all of the others with the most votes is loaded with idea for overweight men to dress up as for a Halloween Party. They are as follows: Shrek, Haggrid, Chippendale Chris Farley, John Goodman in Oh Brother Where Art Thou, Andre the Giant from Princess Bride, Mobster (Either Boardwalk Empire or Sopranos version) and Jolly Green Giant. This is a great summary idea to go off of and really gives a good starting list.

King Henry The 8th Costume


2. King Henry the 8th – This one even gives a run down of what you might need if you want to pull this epic costume off. It’s suggested you’ll need to have a green coat, rope belt, tights and a crown.

3. BEFORE weight loss costume – If you’re overweight and looking for a really simple costume and are confident in your appearance and weight, make it a joke. This one won lots of votes but might not be too tasteful for the person that has to wear this costume. You just dress up in regular clothes or even a tight fitting shirt or if you’re really daring, no shirt and put a sign on yourself that say, “Before.” To turn this into a dual costume you can take a better in shape friend and have them look similar and they wear the sign, “AFTER.”

4. Santa Costume – So it may just be a little early this year but this one got pretty popular as well. Many people think that if you can pull off a good Santa suit this one will be a hit at a Halloween Party. Some users suggest you use the pickup lines, “So have you been a good girl or a naughty girl this year?” The original person that suggest the Santa Halloween costume says you’ll have girls sitting in your lap all night long, so if that’s what you’re going for, this one seems to be a winner.

5. Leia in a Golden Bikini – This one is literally one of the top winners but I’m not too excited about seeing it implemented. Someone adds in the comments that they feel Jabba the Hut would be more fitting for the overweight man costume and I probably agree. However, if you’re looking to be the hit or spectacle of the party a Leia costume might just be the way to go.

Sexy Halloween Costumes

Clearly you just can’t have Halloween without sexy and adult costume dripping with scintillating curves and designs. From the direction of media news stories this year you’d be convinced that Halloween costumes have gotten more “adult” in nature and are too sexy. But really we feel like they say that every year, so for a moment, let’s celebrate the Top 5 Sexy Adult Costumes from different retailers.

First up is Halloween Express adult women costumes that are listed as their top and newest sexy costumes of the year. This year in 2012 it’s almost the throwback costume to the 80’s and 90’s characters done up with flair.

1. Tiger Costume –  is a skin tight costume that has a tiger tail & black knee high boots. For those that are a bit animalistic this one might fly.

2. Spider-Girl costume –  for those Spider-Man fans.This is a skirt that has some skin tight parts that show off the upper area of the ladies and has all the appropriately themed colors to fit the classic Spiderman Halloween costume.

3. Blue Fuzzy Monster Costume – is a throw back to the Monsters movie and has furry boots that look like Monster feet and a skirt that has all of the colors from the Monsters movie with the top portion going over a ladies head to make it seem as if the Monster is eating her.

4. Masters of the Universe She Ra Costume – this one grabs for the girls that grew up in the 80’s or have boyfriends or husbands that were in love with He-Man and the Master of the Universe. Any girl will be a hit at a Halloween Party in 2012 with this costume, just add a sword and you’ll be the sexy costume talk of the party.

5. Premium Snow White Costume – You can’t leave out Disney out of the top 5 sexy costumes for this store. This costume brings in innocence all while being a little slu**y with a short skirt and a tight top to make any girl bring the sexy back and to any Halloween Party they go to.

Halloween Express To Sexy Costumes 2012


The next retailer that is up is Amazon which is sorted the best because their product selection actually lists the Best Selling Sexy costumes in order. The only catch is, we’re dropping the costumes that have bad reviews and only picking 4 Star – 5 Star costumes so you end up with the best quality. If you’re wanting to sauce up that Halloween Party this week these are good ideas to get you going in the right direction.

1. Women’s Nautical Doll Costume – This one has a lot of s*x appeal to it as it shows off the white panty hose, red shoes and a short sailors dress. Don’t forget the nautical hat to make sure everyone knows your a sea men supporter. This one has a great star rating and is below $50 to pull off.

2. DC Comics Delux Batgirl Adult Costume – This costume has all the added accessories and flair to make sure everyone knows exactly who you are. You’ll have a yellow batwing on your chest and a vibrant yellow belt with a skin tight skirt that has shimmery black fabric with some arm spikes and a mask that top it off. The knee high black boots really add it this Bat Girl costume as well to make sure it’s a sexy costume hit this year.

3. Sexy Swashbuckler Set – To be honest this sexy costume just looks like a really well made Pirate Costume which is really the point of this one. It takes a pirate and makes it hot and saucy for any Halloween party, it really shows off the old way that dresses were made with ties and corset like creations.

4. Sexy Wonder Woman Costume – This is apparently one of the biggest hit costumes this year for women. The Wonder Woman costume in 2012 is probably the leading costume across the board with tons of different takes on the entire costume outfit. A lot of red white and blue and a cape to tie it off. Some have red boots with white stripes or just black high heels with thigh high red hose.

5. Batman’s Robin Costume – Who wants to see a male sidekick Robin when there can be a sexy woman in a Robin costume sporting great style? This Halloween costume idea sticks to the super hero idea and makes it hot with a skirt, official yellow belt and an R on the chest. Don’t forget the eye covers so that you identity is masked away from everyone!

High-Tech Costumes

In 2012 you can really go big with Halloween by going completely high tech. Your costume can incorporate your Smartphone or tablet. There are now websites and businesses built around helping you to integrate your iPad or iPhone, Galaxy SII / SIII and more into your costume to make it have video and interactive screams, sights and sounds. The guy that started it all is apparently a NASA engineer during the day and at night he’s creating custom crazy costume ideas to make your Halloween costume the winner of the party. The company is called Digital Dudz and uses your smartphone or tablet with the custom made shirts that help display the awesomeness.

Mark Rober’s idea was a big hit last year in 2011 but he’s made a twist from his best creation last year. The creation last year was a video hole through his body using to iPads and Facetime to take video from one side and broadcast it to the other side of his body with gruesome blood and guts showing around the corners. The kickback? Most people can’t afford two iPad’s for their costume, so Mr. Rober made some adjustments. How about using your smartphone and a free digital app called Digital Dudz Mark and some buddies made.

We have to be completely honest, it doesn’t seem like you’d have to use one of the custom shirt but literally use the idea of video on repeat and tape it to a shirt with some holes in it. But for the lazy, the loaded and the people that want to support this genius with his high tech costume idea, check out Mark Rober’s awesome costume ideas. We’re including pictures and a YouTube video he has put out of 20 of his high tech Halloween costumes for 2012.

Here is a graphical description of how a Digital Dudz Halloween T-Shirt Works:

How DigitalDudz Halloween Shirt Works

Zombie Guts Digital Dudz Interactive Halloween Shirt:

Zombie Guts Halloween Shirt

Obama & Romney Interactive Digital Shirts for Halloween Costumes:

Interactive Obama Romney T-shirts for Halloween

Realistic Human Interactive Eyeball T-Shirt:

Realistic Human Eyeball Shirt

Okay, well enough of the pictures. We all love video and Mark Rober does a great job of highlighting all of the interactive Halloween shirts that you can add to your Halloween Party costume ideas this year. You’ll get to see how you can change the sound FX for the shirt and ways to use headphones to add a full scary experience. The video is listed below:

Beating iPhone Heart Halloween Costume + 20 More High-Tech Costumes

Digital Dudz are pretty much your key to Halloween party domination… just sayin.

Apple download:
Android download:

Get your shirt or iWound before they’re all picked over:

See reactions to the iWound from Magic of Rahat:

See 7 cool Halloween Decoration ideas using the free Digital Dudz app:

Okay, that wraps up our Halloween Costumes for 2012 this year. We hope you enjoyed a run down of some of the best Halloween costumes that will impress your friends. Like we said, if we totally goofed and missed the best costume ever, just leave a comment a link and we’ll include it with this story. Happy Halloween, be safe and eat lots of candy!

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