Breathing Tree Caught On Video & Shared On YouTube

Breathing Tree Video

Nature is a crazy thing and we have all probably seen a moment in our lives that could be a popular video. For one person named Tonie Sledz that moment came on September 8th, 2012 in Fort St. John, British Columbia.

You can see in the video that the breathing tree is moving up and down and literally moving the dirt all around it as the roots lift and sink back down. So what exactly causes a tree to breath you say? A very windy day it seems, according to the description provided by Tonie Sledz.

Mr. Sledz originally posted the breathing tree video on The video has been viewed over 389,000 times on the website after it was posted on September 9th, 2012. The video has since made it’s way to YouTube and is now gaining steam as a pretty popular video where people are discussing what is going on due to the lack of description.

As some users on YouTube put it, “a big uprooting waiting to happen” or, “I’m pretty sure the tree is just swaying in the Wind Storm that was happening at the time.” and another, “if it was wind, it wouldn’t go up and down that quickly, itd stay up longer.” Alas, the bizarre tree taking deep breaths is explained at Tonie Sledz’s original post description.

At Tonie names the video, “Breathing tree during a wind storm.” The description of the video is, “In the morning the wind had been strong, so we decided to take a walk to the beach, while walking I stop and find the ground under me to be moving. We found that the roots were causing the ground to move.” If you want to watch the video of this amazing tree breathing it’s last couple years before it completely uproots, watch below:

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