SNL Presidential Debate 2012 Part 2: Obama vs Romney (Video)

SNL Presidential Debate Video

For those of you who missed the second presidential debate, have no fear! Saturday Night Live was happy to re-do it for you Saturday night; well, sort of. Knowing all-to-well how SNL mocks, spoofs and pokes fun at these types of debates, you can walk away with a little idea of what each candidate is about.

The second debate was more active as Obama showed more energy and enthusiasm than he did in the first debate. Both “candidates” were very active as they answered the questions put before them; well, sort of. Though the way they acted and their responses may not have reflected the true candidates for the President of the United States, those watching could get a sense of what the third and final Presidential Debate could be like.

Anyone who watched the SNL Presidential Debate mock reached some level of amusement. Though the questions put forth to both candidates went basically unanswered, the energy level of President Obama mirrored the fact that in the real second debate he was more responsive than in the first debate.

Also, there were a few questions that would make a voter wonder how a real candidate would respond, such as a question involving dealing with the price of gas or if it would be feasible to get assault guns off the streets. Even the one-word question, brought up by Tom Hank’s character, sparked a political argument that is of a serious nature; Libya.

The bottom line is that something like a mock debate should be all about foolishness and comedy about a real life person or event. Did they achieve their goal?

Most people who watched the mock debate was not looking to see what issues were covered in the mock debate. The mock debate was meant to poke fun at something really going on in our world today that is of a serious nature. The Presidential Debates will help some decide which candidate would be best suited to be President of the United States from 2013-2016.

SNL hasn’t taken sides when doing their mock debates as it appears they attack both sides of the aisle. As with a sport that has two rival teams that seem to be in a tie, each debate has been scored a tie.

Monday, in Florida, the third and final debate will happen between the two candidates. Will challenger Romney take the final debate and possibly become our new president, or will our current Commander-In-Chief bring back the third win and possibly remain in office for another four years? Whatever happens, one thing is clear; SNL should have a great third mock debate!

SNL Presidential Debate Video

SNL’s version of the second presidential debate, which also featured a cameo from Tom Hanks as an undecided voter.

Seth Meyers SNL Do’s and Don’ts Debate Prep

With the third and final presidential debate set for Monday in Boca Raton, Fla., Meyers offered a few dos and don’ts for both candidates.

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