Should A-Rod Stay or Leave the Yankees in 2013?

A-Rod Yankees 2013

In 1981, the punk rock band “The Clash” wrote a song called “Should I Stay or Should I Go” that became a number-one single on the UK Singles Chart. Fast forward to 2012 and it seems to be appropriate for Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees and their fan base.

During the 2012 regular season, some fans had voiced their concerns that it was time to get players that were younger compared to the aging veterans that are currently on the team. A-Rod was one of those players that fans thought it was time to leave the organization. His miserable performance and benching during the ALCS, not to mention his flirting with female fans, has made more fans thinking it would be best if the Yankees and Rodriguez would part ways.

The question of should A-Rod stay or go is not just meant for him to decide but the opinions of the Yankees and their fans. Also, if Alex would be sent packing to another team, would it benefit the organization or not make much of a difference? One thing is certain; if the Daily News readers could have their way, the film title “Bye Bye Birdie” can be changed to “Bye Bye A-Rod.”

When looking at the question of Should Alex Rodriguez stay or leave the Yankees, it depends on who you ask. The Daily News newspaper in NY has an annual poll called “Keep ‘Em or Dump ‘Em” in regards to the New York Yankees. This is not limited to their players; nevertheless, 72% of those voted decided that A-Rod’s services were no longer needed. As I stated earlier, there were fans during the regular season that wanted Rodriguez and other aging players gone so the roster can have room for younger talent.A-Rod Benched

The postseason only made things worse for him as his performance went downhill. He was hitting at .120 with no RBI’s or extra-base hits, ended up being benched and since he was not getting any action at the plate decided to try the stands as he was caught flirting with female fans after being pinch-hit for.

Though no one could read what was going on inside Rodriguez’s mind during his postseason slump, his actions might suggest that his mind was on other matters instead of baseball and management tends to pay attention to these things. Only time will tell how the organization will respond to A-Rod’s in effectiveness during the playoffs, yet, listening to Hank Steinbrenner would suggest as far as he is concerned, Alex will not be voted off of Yankee Island.

Hank Steinbrenner’s view of the sweep performed by the Detroit Tigers is one of disappointment but also feels that too much of the blame has been put on Alex Rodriguez’s shoulders. He also has decided not to address whether or not A-Rod will be back with the Yankees in 2013. The team’s co-chairperson talked with the Associated Press on Friday during a phone interview and had some comments about the embattled baseball player. “He was just one of quite a few that just had a bad time at the plate. So is it fair to accuse him of everything but the Kennedy assassination? No, it’s not fair, but we’ll see what happens from this point on.”

Though Steinbrenner has said he will not discuss the future of Rodriguez with the Yankees, A-Rod has said he wants to stay with the team despite being benched during the playoffs for three games and was pinch-hit for in three others. Even if the team was willing to send Alex off to another team, it would not be so easy to do as well as the deal could prove to be more harmful than good.

Trading a player that is showing his age is not an easy task to accomplish. Most of the time, the idea of a trade is to acquire talent that is the same or better than who you are sending off. Unloading unwanted baggage is one of those times that you might not be concerned as much as what you are getting in return when the goal is to be rid of a particular player or players. I am sure there are teams that feel Rodriguez has some value to him and would love to have him on their team.

However, to begin with, A-Rod has the ability to block a trade, so it would have to be to a team he feels are contenders to make it to the World Series now as he doesn’t have the luxury to be part of a rebuilding process. Then there is the problem of his high priced contract that still has some zeros in it. Right now, the Yankees owe him $118 million over the next five seasons. Finding a team willing to handle the rest of his contract will be very difficult to find. J

on Paul Morosi of MSN FOX sports suggests a hypothetical situation where a trade could be made with the Miami Marlins. In this trade, the Yankees would send over Alex Rodriguez and $50 million to the Marlins for players John Buck, Mark Buehrle and Heath Bell. A reason a trade like this could work is Buck, Buehrle and Bell will earn a combined $77.5 million during their deals. By including more than the $40.5 million difference in what is still owed, the Marlins will save money and is most likely their goal during the offseason. It would take a trade of this caliber for A-Rod to go elsewhere and even if this scenario were to become a reality, Rodriguez still can say no and most probably would as it would involve moving from the American to the National League.

The Daily News poll shows that some Yankee fans want Alex Rodriguez gone in 2013. Upper management is not commenting on if they are planning to keep A-Rod though Hank Steinbrenner has come to his defense by saying fans should not put the entire blame for being swept by the Tigers squarely on his shoulders.  A-Rod has said he wants to stay with the Yankees and Jon Paul Morosi’s hypothetical scenario demonstrates how difficult it can be to trade Alex away even if the organization wants to.

Alex Rodriguez is 37-years-old and is not the same player as he was when he won three MVP awards. He needs to start setting up for himself realistic goals and focus on improving his game. If not, then he will give reasons for Yankee fans and management to wanting to trade him to another team. Many feel that several things need to be done if the Yankees want to make it back to the World Series. One step is to say good-bye to A-Rod. Whether it means to eat money or take on bad contracts, the end result would be to say once and for all “Bye Bye A-Rod.”

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