iPad Mini Rumored Release Date November 2, 2012 Announcement Set for Oct 23

iPad Mini Rumors

It appears that this fall and winter is shaping up to be a very busy season for the team of Apple. I recently did an article on the upcoming release of the new iPod touch, and if you add the enormous turnout for the iPhone 5 Apple is looking to flex its muscles to its competitors and to the world once again.

I would say I am surprised but then again it is Apple, so all they really do is push out what are considered top of the line products. With the highly anticipated iPod Touch on the minds of millions of Apple fans, the company is looking to please their fans even more with the announcement of the iPad mini. If you keep up with Apple or just technology really you may have heard months of speculations about the iPad mini, but finally on Oct. 16, 2012 Apple released press invitations to its next big launch (The iPad Mini).

The event will be held at 10:00 am on Tuesday, Oct. 23 in San Jose, CA. Of course the size of the iPad Mini will be smaller than the iPad, it is said to be a compact 7 inches which is actually interesting that Apple of all companies would be coming out with a 7 inch tablet.

I say that this is interesting, because an article on Yahoo explained that the late Steve Jobs had a very opposing stand on any tablet that was 7 inches, saying that it’s meaningless and that users would need sandpaper to shrink their fingers for an optimized experience.

However it appears that times have changed and the popularity of the 7 inch tablet is only growing bigger by the years. With companies like Amazon with the “Kindle Fire”, Google’s “Nexus 7”, Barnes & Noble “Nook”, and Samsung’s “Galaxy Tab 2” they have made the smaller tablets a pretty cool gadget to have these days.

It would not be Apple if they did not get into the mix as well, and with the holiday season coming up it is a prime opportunity for the company to make a big splash in the tablet war. The iPad mini will likely have a retina-resolution display, two rear speakers, and the new lightning connector.

Along with this comes the speculations of the cost of the iPad mini, customers would love a $200 price tag on the device but that may just be wishful thinking. In reality people may be looking at an iPad price tag from the range of $250-300, this is according to Apple analyst Gene Munster.

So if you are an Apple fan then you are probably excited about all the new products becoming available to you, but if you’re not that big on Apple you’re probably thinking or saying really? Why are they coming out with another product?

iPad Mini Release Rumor Reveal

Details are emerging about Apple’s much-anticipated iPad Mini. In this Inside Scoop, CNET’s Kara Tsuboi and Josh Lowensohn discuss October 23 as the possible announcement date and why a $250 to $300 price tag is compelling, but confusing.

iPad Mini Release Date Event Set for October 23rd

The chronically leaked iPad is said to have a Lighting dock connector, come in black and white, and have a very similar design to that found in the stylish new iPod Touch.

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