Derek Jeter Broken Ankle Injury: Is Father Time Catching up With the Yankees?

Jeter Broken Ankle

When looking at the Yankee’s, many fans feel that some of their players are getting too old to be productive. Those fans wish they could see younger players in the lineup and the older players out. Well, be careful what you wish for as the captain of the Yankees, Derek Jeter, went down in Saturday night’s game and will not be able to return to the playoffs. To make things worse, the Tigers pulled out a win in extra innings to give Detroit a 1-0 lead in the ALCS. With Jeter down and A-Rod not being productive, has age finally caught up to their star players?

Those who are not Yankee fans have referred to them as the Evil Empire for their ability to spend enormous amounts of money to acquire players, such as Alex Rodriguez. Their ability to get players of Rodriguez’s caliber has helped get them to the playoffs and beyond. Over the past few seasons, however the “Evil Empire” has not been able to make it to the World Series despite having players that should get them there.

It seems that two of their star players, Derek Jeter and A-Rod, have declined in their ability to shine anymore in late October. With Jeter having one of his better seasons, he is out of the playoffs due to getting injured Saturday evening. Add to the mix that Rodriguez has contributed little to the offense; it may be that Father Time is catching up to the Yankees and the need for younger players is no longer an option but a necessity. The fans who did wish for younger players to be playing may have gotten their wish but at the wrong time.

Yankee fans went into frenzy when Raul Ibanez hit a two-run homer that tied the game in the bottom of the ninth to send it to extra innings. Just like the stock market goes up and down, the home field fans hit a major down in the 12th inning when shortstop Derek Jeter didn’t get up after making a tumbling stop in order to field a ground ball. Their gasps and moans turned into shock and disbelief as Jeter had to be helped off the field and could not put any pressure on his left foot; the mighty captain had broken his left ankle.

If the Yankees are to make it to the World Series, it will be without the assistance of their five-time World Series champion; the first time in 16 years. Now, it will take someone else to rise to the occasion if the Yankees are going to move ahead in the post season like Jayson Nix, who will be taking over the shortstop position in game two.

Veterans like Nick Swisher realize they have to not dwell on the injury and focus on moving forward if they are going to succeed. “That’s kind of crushing,” right fielder Nick Swisher said of Jeter’s injury. “It’s really tough. We’ve got to keep pushing along and keep playing our game, and hopefully we can pull it out.”

After the loss of the game, the clubhouse was quiet and the loss of Jeter weighed heavily on the minds of his teammates more so than losing the game. Teixeira said, “I think we probably feel more for him than anyone else because we know how important it means to him personally.”

Game 2 has come and gone as the Yankees lost 3-0 to the Tigers. They are down two games and head into the Tigers den for three games. They now face an uphill battle where players, whether they are veterans or rookies, must rise up to the call if they are to at least bring the series back to New York. It is said that experience will win out over youth.

The Yankees excel with players who have much experience being in the playoffs before and should come back and win; that is, if you believe in the saying mentioned above. Yet, the one major criticism about the Yankees has been that a large number of their players are too old.

Well, on Tuesday the 16th, game 3 will be played and the stage is set for the Yankees to shine or start fading into the sunset.

Will the experienced and older players of the New York Yankees sound off the battle cry and lead the team to victory or has Father Time finally caught up with the Yankee veterans? What do you think?

Derek Jeter Broken Ankle, Game 1 of ALCS, Done for season

3 Innings before the “incident” Yankee Stadium was going bezerk. Raul Ibanez, Mr. October, who was signed for 1.1 million dollars came up again in a situation to tie the game after his Game 3 heroics, and not only kept the game going, but hit another game tying homer against Tigers pitcher Jose Valverde who has an ERA over 20 in the postseason. The Yankees made an unbelievable comeback only to miss a few chances in extra innings and eventually lose their best player, team captain, and postseason hero, but also lose the game. The Yankees can still come back and win the series but it will be extremely tough. Today will set the tone.

Derek Jeter Injury

Derek Jeter broken ankle video.

Jeter Ankle in Game 1 loss

Derek Jeter’s ankle injury suffered in Game 1 of the ALCS.

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