Will Kobe Bryant Retire at the End of Contract 2012?

Will Kobe Bryant Retire

There comes a time in a professional players career when age, injuries, or just lack of will to continue, leads them to retirement. Some of the more well-known player’s retirements will provide more of a story than a player that has played in a league for a few years and decides he wants to pursue a different career.

For Kobe Bryant, whenever he decides to call it quits will sure be a major headline, and may be one of the bigger retirements in recent NBA history. Now Kobe is still going strong and with his new teammates Dwight Howard, and Steve Nash he is looking to lead the Lakers back to another championship title.

Kobe currently has two years left on his three year contract that he signed back in 2010; the contract will expire after the 2013-14 season (his 18th season) at which he expressed he may think about retiring.

“One can never be sure when it comes to retirement, but three more years just seems like a very long time for me to continue to compete at the high level of training, preparation, and staying healthy,” Bryant said in an interview with CBS Sports.

When Kobe finally hangs it up he will be for sure a first ballot Hall of Famer, and will join a very elite group of NBA guards who have a place in the Hall of Fame. Utah Jazz point guard John Stockton, and Indiana Pacers guard Reggie Miller are the only two backcourt NBA players to play 18 seasons and be inducted into the Hall of Fame, Kobe looks to be the third member of that group. One thing is for certain and that is that nobody can outlast father time, even potential hall of famers.

When you break down Kobe as far as body structure goes of course he is wearing down a little bit, but when you play close to 60,000 minutes in the NBA your legs and all other body parts are eventually going to tapper down some. Kobe trips to Germany in the off season to get surgery done on his legs may have kept his body geared up for multiple long NBA season, but nearing the age of 36 the finish line is well in sight.

Who knows if the Lakers will win a title in the next three years, if they don’t do you think that will change Kobe mindset of retirement?

Kobe Bryant To Retire?

Kobe Bryant indicates he may retire after 2013-14 season.

Kobe Bryant Says He will Likely Retire

Kobe Bryant discusses retiring at the age of 35 in his 17th season.

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