iPod Touch 5G Released for $299 Starting Price

iPod Touch 5G Release Date

Apple products seem to be a very popular item to have these days, and with the holiday season approaching fast there is a new apple gadget soon to hit the shelves. With the iPhone 5 being released last month, all the attention has been on the new phone and rightly so with record breaking sales.

However, since the iPhone 5 has been in the market for some time now, Apple is shifting its attention to pushing out one of their other new gadgets the new iPod touch. Believe it or not, the fifth generation iPod touch was unveiled last month, but nearly at the same time the iPhone 5 was unveiled also, so that could be one main reason it has been a little under the radar.

The new iPod touch will be a whole new design compared to its previous versions, and will feature a faster processor and a larger 4-inch display. Since smaller and thinner seems to be the going trend for mobile devices, the iPod will follow suite will its very thin but amazingly tough aluminum body, which has the same material used in MacBook’s.

Now the size and shape of the iPod looks exactly the same as the iPhone 5 with its longer screen and slimmer weight. When you look at the new iPod one thing that is clear is the retina display which gives the device more pop and vivid color for users to enjoy. Another feature to the iPod that may get fans excited is the new iSight camera which is a 5 megapixels camera, nearly seven times more powerful than the previous iPod version according to Apple.iPod Touch 5G Price

Just like the iPhone the iPod has a front camera, face detection, and allows users to do face time calls, also the 1080p HD video looks to provide great quality from every shoot. When it comes down to the power of the iPod this latest version may be Apple’s most powerful iPod to date, with the Dual-Core A5 Chip this new iPod has twice the processing power than previous versions did. Other features for the new iPod include Siri, Maps, Safari web browsing, and passbook. The device will come with the hit design of the apple ear-buds, and will come in multiple color choices.

The device will come in 32GB for $299, and 64GB for $399, Pre-Orders have already been put in for the new iPod, but as of now there is no official release date.

iPod Touch 5th Generation Teardown

Apple’s secret release of the 5th Generation iPod Touch yesterday was unexpected. But we always have our spudgers at the ready and we quickly got the Touch to spill its glorious gadget guts. We had high hopes for this iPod, in terms of repairability, considering that the recently launched iPhone 5 is the most repairable iPhone yet. Here’s the abridged version of our discoveries:

*Apple used adhesive AND retaining clips to seal the 5th generation iPod Touch shut, making it a pain to even open up the device.
*The battery is soldered to the logic board.
*Many components are soldered together, making replacing a single component impossible tricky, if not impossible, for average folks.

The 5th generation iPod Touch scored a disappointing 3/10 on the repairability scale.

iPod Touch 5th Generation Review

New generation of Apple’s iPod touch 5th gen multimedia player and more. It runs on a dual core Apple A5 CPU with a dual core GPU and it’s available with 32 or 64 gigs of storage ($299 and $399). It has a front 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera, a rear 5MP with 1080p video recording and HDR photo capabilities, a 4″ Retina 1136 x 640 display and iOS 6.

iPod Touch 5 Revealed

The All New iPod Touch 5 was just Announced by Apple at WWDC 2012. This iTouch 5G is Thinner, Lighter, Faster thanks to the New Aluminum Body & A5 Processor. New 5MP Camera & Strap Attachment makes for a cool point and shoot.

New Ipod Nano 7th Gen Release Date 12/9/12

Here is the first look at the new iPod Touch 5G and the New Ipod Nano 7th Gen advert, this was released on the 12/9/12.

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