New Test Allows Dog Owners to Figure out What Foods Their Pets Are Allergic To

Similar to humans, dogs can become allergic to many different things in the air or in their food. Popular allergens for dogs include food ingredients, dust, pollen, types of medication, and more. If a dog ends up encountering something that they are allergic to, they can give off symptoms similar to ones that humans have including itchy skin, vomiting, ear infections, and diarrhea.

The Former Diagnosis of Dog Allergies

Dog allergy diagnosis is typically done by a licensed veterinarian. They will take skin samples of the dog and then have the owner put the dog on a prescribed diet that is free of any ingredients that may potentially be causing allergies to occur. As the testing process furthers, regular food that the dog normally eats will be slowly introduced into the diet. If the dog gets sick, it can be much easier to target a food they are allergic to this way.

New Testing For Dog Allergies

A report by The Daily Meal has noted that a new test is now available to help determine the exact foods that a dog may be allergic to. NutriScan, one of the first dog allergy food testers on the market, is a saliva test that looks for twenty of the most common food allergies in dogs out there. Certain foods that dogs may be allergic to include beef, lamb, turkey, potato, chicken eggs, and more.

A dogs owner simply has to submit their tests back to the company and they will receive results in approximately two weeks. This is an amazing advancement in the field of dog allergies. Instead of an owner having to put their dog on a strict diet and slowly introducing normal food back into the diet, they can test for all potential food allergies at once.

It is important to keep in mind that this will only check for food allergies. Since dogs can still be allergic to other allergens like cleaning products or pollen, it is important to take them to the vet along with performing this test.

The Treatment of Pet Allergies

When allergies do occur and they cause certain issues within the dog, both pills and creams may be prescribed by the vet. If a dog suffers from allergies all year, they may have to receive yearly allergy shots.

In certain severe cases, cortisone treatments may be prescribed in order to battle allergies. Keep in mind that this type of treatment involves the use of a very strong drug and should only be used if absolutely necessary.

With any treatment for your dog, be sure to consult a veterinarian before deciding to change up the dog’s medication or diet.

3 Comments on "New Test Allows Dog Owners to Figure out What Foods Their Pets Are Allergic To"

  1. One pet parent to another. Steven is correct.

    • Dogs must be up to date on shots. Current on heartworm medication. On a monthley wormer. Wear a flea collar. Then try food allergies. Dont skip what your dog needs to prevent problems from starting.

  2. From 1 Pet Parent to Another …

    85% of our Paw Chewing, Itchy, Licking, Gunky Ear DOGs are Allergic to the Same Pollens, Dust Mites & Molds that > We Are !

    FOOD Allergies = 5% and are not determined via a Skin Teszt or Saliva… only Challenge

    The Only Methodology that can ReCaliberate your DOGs Immune System to its Enviro Allergy Sources = ImmunoAllergy SHOTs or Sublingual Doggy GOO.

    MED’s are for Masking Enviro Allergies not Food.

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