The History of Chiropractor Practice

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Chiropractors have been around for decades to help both ourselves and our family members feel much better when we have aches and pains. Want to know the coolest part? They aren’t always in traditional places like offices where you would typically find a chiropractor.

Recent news from noted that Jennifer Davis, a chiropractor, has made history by becoming the first female chiropractor and first Bahamian to be named to an Olympic team. While Jennifer wasn’t there to compete, she was available to be part of the medical team in order to help athletes competing in both swimming and track and field events. During this time, Jennifer provided services such as athletic taping and injury therapy.

Since chiropractors are needed in many places and in many situations, how exactly did the chiropractor practice get its start?

History of Chiropractic

Chiropractic goes all the way back to 1895 and was founded by Daniel David Palmer. Palmer believed at the time that all disease in the body was caused as a result of the bones being misaligned. To help test this theory, he performed an adjustment on a janitor who was partially deaf. After a few days, the janitor mentioned to Palmer that he felt as if he could hear much better than before.

Two years later, a school of chiropractic was opened by Palmer. The Palmer School of Chiropractic is still one of the top schools within the U.S. While this was a brand new technique at the time, the practice was often ridiculed because chiropractors at the time were allowed to perform their techniques without having to possess a license. Because of this, Palmer was thrown in jail a number of times.

By 1906, B.J. Palmer, who was Daniel David’s son, took over the Palmer School and noticed the benefits and usability that comes along with using X-Rays. During this same year, Dr. Solon Langworthy came out with the first book on chiropractic.

Within the twentieth century, all fifty states began to accept doctors of chiropractic as being legal and because of its popularity; chiropractors are utilized around the world to help change the lives of those who have many aches and pains throughout their bodies.

By the 1990s, many scholars and researchers became interested in the chiropractic care and wanted to see how much more beneficial it was compared to medical procedures. Published in 1993, a study out of Canada noted that chiropractic care and Seattle chiropractors would save companies hundreds of millions of dollars because people would be able to get off of work disability much quicker and their health care costs would decrease.

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