New York VS. California – Where Are the Best Auditions Held?

Trying to become an actor and make it “big” is one of the hardest challenges a person can face. After all, any industry expert will tell you that there are thousands of actors and actresses populating any major city out there and are just waiting for their chance to make it. These people are all competing against each other to become the next movie or reality TV star.

Because the television and movie industry typically films in both New York and California, these are where many big budget auditions are held. If you’re trying to become an actor, which city should you live in to try and become a star?

Types New York Auditions

Despite New York being a huge area for the film industry, it is not always the best place for film auditions. Typically, New York is a major place for television and theatre auditions. For instance, The Voice recently held auditions looking for the next big singing superstar. Judges Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Christina Milian, and Adam Levine choose contestants to work with based on their voice only and are not allowed to watch them perform. If more than one judge chooses a contestant to work with, the contestant has the final choice.

Out of New York City, five different contestants made it through the blind audition rounds and will be performing in the “battle rounds” this week. After these rounds, it is up to America to vote for the winner.

New York is also the best place to audition for theatre, because Broadway shows like Jersey Boys and Rock of Ages continually run throughout the year in NYC. For instance, auditions for Death of a Salesman are coming up October 15th for performances in March of next year.

Types of California Auditions

California has always been known as the television capital. With studio lots for companies like Warner Brothers and Universal Studios, movies and television shows are being filmed every single day, all year round.

For instance, ABC’s popular television show ‘Wipeout’ will be holding open casting calls on October 27th in San Diego. This show, which challenges competitors to make it across a variety of difficult obstacles, is meant to be entertaining when viewers “wipeout” and rewards winners with a final prize of $50,000.

Which City Is Best?

For auditions, one city really is not much better than another. The only factor that determines where a person should move is what they are trying to audition for. Are you looking to make it in theatrical productions and on Broadway? Auditions New York City is your best bet. Are you trying to become a movie star or just want your 15 minutes of screen time on a television show? California is the best place to be.

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